Saturday, September 17, 2011

Basic Pancakes

The thing about getting an apartment is that you have to learn your stove.

You can't just assume it'll work like the one at home.

So I was very cautious when it came to making pancakes this morning.

I didn't turn the stove on super high or super low, but just left it somewhere in the middle so that I could adjust it as needed.


Apparently our stove gets very hot, very quickly, and stays there, refusing to cool off a bit when I turn the heat down.

Because, um, my pancakes are a little burnt.

Or at least, a tad darker than I'd like them to be.

So I've turned everything off and given the pan/stove time to cool down and I'll try this again in a few minutes.

Update: I turned the stove waaay down this time and thus learned by observation that the ideal setting for decent looking pancakes is 2.5 out of 7. Muaha! Lesson learned!


Here're some tips for making pancakes...

1. Flip INTO the pan. Not only does that make things easier on your wrists, but you won't flop the uncooked pancake over the edge of the pan and onto the stovetop.

Which is lovely fun to clean up, by the way.

*insert sarcasm font here*

2. Don't make them too complicated. I've tried that. It failed. If you want pancakes, just make pancakes. Unless you're a superawesome chef. In which case, make whatever you want. Then share with me!

3. Make sure to eat the strange looking ones yourself. Don't allow your roomie to have one of those. Cause then they might think you're not a very good pancake maker when, really, you are.

{I used this one today when it came to the darker pancakes. And see? It worked. Cause Shellie didn't eat a burnt one! Yes!}

4. If you want exclamations of "You're so cuuute!" make your pancakes small and add chocolate chips.

Works every time.


So if all that wasn't enough to make you wary about eating the breakfast foods I cook, here's the recipe I normally go by.

{And I swear I can make really good pancakes. Just... you know, on the stove at home. If you come back in two months, I'll have this stove figured out, too!}

{Oh. And the basic recipe comes from the back of the Bisquick box (because I cheat like that), but I add a few things to make the pancakes bettaah}.

Just the Basics Pancakes:
{makes a big plateful of pancakes... what a precise amount, I know}

3 eggs
1.5 cups milk
3 cups Bisquick
1 tsp lemon juice {makes them fluffy}
1 tsp vanilla {for flavor}
1 tbsp canola oil {so they don't stick to the pan}

Step One: Mix everything together in the order they're in above. Don't worry too much about lumps. Although if they're giant spheres of powder, you might want to squish them against the side of the bowl to get rid of them.

Step Two: Spray the pan with non-stick spray & figure out your stove.

Step Three: Make whatever sized pancakes you'd like. Just remember to flip them over when the edges lose their shine & you see bubbles on the top.

If they're too light or too dark, adjust either the heat, the amount of time you give it before you flip it over, or both.

Optional: If you want, you can add chocolate chips {I always use mini's}, dried cranberries, or whatever else you want in your pancakes. I'd advise sprinkling your extra ingredients onto the tops of the partially cooked pancake batter circles on your pan, but if you want to mix the extras into the batter, it's up to you.

Just remember that sugary things burn faster.

And we have now come to the end of the FIRST RECIPE EVER SHARED HERE.

Whoa now.

How'd this post get so long?

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