Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fancy Pancakes

{I WISH My Pancakes Looked That Good}
Yesterday was my dad’s birthday and, like I promised, I woke up early and made him the Cinnamon Roll Pancakes.

Never again.

The first two were made following the directions in the recipe and they turned out sticky, gooey, and underdone. The mess they made after I tried to flip them over was so bad that I actually turned off the stove, picked up the pan, brought it over to the sink, and doused the entire thing to get the melted brown sugar off. *facepalm*

Take two, I gave up and mixed the cinnamon roll filling into the batter. The pancakes definitely made less of a mess and they did look better, but… I don’t know. After these failed attempts at fancy pancakes, I think I’ll go back to normal pancakes. I’m very good at those. Not only do they look nice and fluffy and pretty, they taste better, too. *grins* I feel like I have to make those and take some pictures so you know what real pancakes look like and to prove to you that I actually know what I’m doing around breakfast foods!


The Point of the Story:

1. If you’re going to follow someone else’s recipe, think twice when it calls for more liquid in the batter than solid. Something’s wrong there. You’re going to get flat pancakes. Like… flatflat pancakes.

2. A lot of sugar in the batter = food burning/turning brown a lot faster. Steben, this is for you. You’ve been forewarned.

3. The cinnamon roll filling would be good for some other baking project. As it is, I feel like that was a waste of a stick of butter… However, since we rarely use cinnamon in our house, this was a good use of a spice that’s probably been sitting in our cabinet since… I was five?

4. They really didn’t taste too bad. They just looked a little strange. Like whole wheat pancakes when really, they were full of fat and sugar. Actually, that’s a win-win situation right there. Never mind! This wasn’t a failed cooking attempt after all! *laughs*

{Real Whole Wheat Pancakes}

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