About Ellie

Pertinent facts:
+ My name is actually Samantha. I tend to go by "Ellie" on the Internet since middle school habits die hard.

+ I just graduated from UCLA as a Communications and Psychology double major. If you're interested in finding out more about life at UCLA, how to get into either of these majors, or what exactly a Communications major does {I'm asked that a lot, so I thought I'd beat you to it}, feel free to ask!

+ While I am currently living in Los Angeles, I'm originally from NorCal. And I do actually prefer NorCal weather over SoCal weather. I'm a rare breed, I know. *grins*

+ I'm not the most proficient person in the kitchen, but I love going on foodie adventures.

+ Or any adventures, really. I think my dream job would be exploring new places, discovering new favorites, and sharing my finds with the rest of the world. If someone knows of a job like that, let me know!

+ I'm so thankful that God has chosen to place in my life friends and parents who are constantly encouraging me and challenging me. They push me out of my comfort zones and believe in me when I'm not even sure of something myself. And they're crazy patient when it comes to my sudden stops to take pictures on outings. (:

+ I adore bright colors, great typography, and excellent design. I've also slowly been working on my photography skills, so all the pictures you see here are mine unless otherwise stated.

+ This is where I get to share my everyday adventures-- my hope is that they inspire you to go out there and explore your own neighborhood! It's the best.

As always, thanks for joining me in the search for life's passions and little adventures!


@sammiellers on Pinterest and Twitter.

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  1. Hi Ellie,

    Loved your post on your journey to Four Leaf Tea Room and I wanted to let you know that one of your pictures will be on featured on the Four Leaf Tea Room Facebook page on the 24th of June! To follow, please "LIKE" our page!


    Thanks for a great post!
    -Four Leaf Tea Room <3