Saturday, September 24, 2011

Since When Did Elephants Move Around Furniture?

{how I wish our building had a sign like this one}
It's funny how I've learned to tune out the ambient noise that comes with college living.

In the dorms, it was the elevator dings, the people chattering as they passed by our room, the squeak & slam of the door to the stairs, the RA stapling something onto the announcement board right outside our room, the pounding bass of the techno music coming from next door {though technically, we could feel it through the wall}.

Here in the apartments, it's the low hum of the elevator in the building next door, the cars driving past on the street just outside, the people calling to their friends down the block, the screaming of the party girls as they get all excited walking home from a long night out, the frat guys on the corner shouting for one of their own to drink faster {you know what I mean, yes?}, and the loud music that comes with living near the Greek houses.

I can concentrate on my homework or read a book with all this going on around me. I totally don't notice it at all. Subconsciously, I know what's happening in the world outside, but it doesn't affect me.


I think I've found the one thing that I simply can't ignore.

You know those elephants I mentioned that happen to live upstairs?

Now they're wearing waffle-stomper hiking boots and moving their furniture around the apartment for fun.

They're running marathons & holding races around their apartment to see who can clomp the loudest.

They've invited all their relatives and are having a DDR party.

Good Lord.

Someone. Anyone. Please help.

It hadn't been a problem at first.

We thought they'd stop after a while.

Move-in & all that. School should start. They'll go to class, right?


It hasn't ceased. And when the entire apartment shakes, the doors rattle, and the table vibrates whenever they traipse back and forth around their apartment, I think we have a problem, sir.

I really do want to go up there, ring their doorbell, and ask where they've hidden the entire cast & crew of River Dance, but I don't think it'd be wise to go by myself. I don't know who lives up there and the residents might take offense at my inquiry.

Oh gosh.

It's like they're stomping on my head and it never ends.

I need to get out of this set of rooms quick.

The thing is, I've got nowhere to go.

What now?

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