Saturday, September 24, 2011

Emma Quotes, No. 2: Happy Faces, Bored Legs

{free hugs!}
Emma looking at her ACA face shots for Staff Photos.

Emma: Uhg, I'm not even smiling!

Shellie: But your shirt is!

{Emma had a smiley face on her shirt during the photoshoot}


Emma bouncing up and down while sitting in front of her computer.

Me: Emma? Why are you bouncing?

Emma: Because my legs are bored. *pause* I swear I have ADD or something.

Me: Um... I don't think that makes your legs bored...

Emma: Well, you know, I have to keep moving. *another pause* And this is supposed to make you skinnier... you know, all this... *motions to the bouncing*

Shellie & I: **

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