Monday, September 26, 2011

My Philosophy on Cooking: After One Week

{the utensils}
If you had asked me a week and a half ago if I could cook, I'd've said, "Mmm, not really, but I have watched my parents enough that I think if I tried, I'd be okay." In those exact words. I know, because I've said that many a time when asked about how I'm going to survive life in the apartments.

It turns out, I was right.

As a disclaimer, I haven't tried anything extremely difficult yet; four ingredients, tops, seems to be my forte at the moment. But I haven't killed anyone with my cooking/baking  & the apartment is still standing, so I must be doing something right, yes?

My philosophy about cooking at the moment is this:
It's all trial and error.
The majority of the time, things aren't going to come out perfectly right the first time you try it, so don't let that first time stop you from trying that same dish again.
The second time around, it gets better, because you know what you did wrong the first time. This just increases the more times you make that dish.

So don't worry if you think you can't cook.

Dears, you won't starve. You'll just have a smaller repetoire of recipes for a little while.

And if you have a question and there's no one around to ask, well then, that's what Google is for!

You'd be surprised at how many people have the same exact questions as you do about deboning that chicken. Not that I've done that yet. I have Googled other things though.

It's one of the best places for finding new recipes to try as well. If you think one recipe calls for too much butter {yes, there is such a thing as too. much. butter}, look at the next one.

Another place to try looking for recipes is, although sometimes their stuff gets a bit too fancy for us college students, so take that website with a grain of salt.

I'm excited to share some of the things I've made in the last few days, but I've gained a whole new respect {more so than I already had} for food bloggers. Because taking great pictures of food and editting them for public viewing is actually really... not too-too hard, I suppose, just more time-consuming than you'd expect.

I really do want to show you {or show off, whichever... *grins*} what I've done so far, therefore I'm trying to get the how-to's posted within the week. Before I forget. Or have so many new things to show you that they get pushed to the wayside.

I hope your foodie-ing's going well! <3

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