Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Elephants in the Room

And I did not know how spoiled I was until the elephants started wandering around above my head.

Then I realized that I've never had another floor above me for any long, extended period of time.

The house I was brought home to from the hospital was a one story house, I believe. The house I lived in for the majority of my life was two stories, but my room was/always has been upstairs. My two years in the dorms were spent in the 'penthouse' {4th floor out of 4 floors}, so there were no people living above me there either.

So this is a first.

Just how does one go about asking the neighbors upstairs to walk quieter?


On a slightly related note, it freaked me out when the door knob to the bathroom started rattling while I taking a shower this morning until I realized that it was just the resulting vibrations from the stomping around going on upstairs.


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