Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Weekender, No. 7: Cupcakes & the Marauders

For a New Locale to Explore: CV Library Sale
{can I have a library like this in my house?}
Okay, so this week’s “New Locale” isn’t all that new either {see last week’s}, but since I’m super excited about this, it made the cut.
What has me so excited, you ask? From 1 pm until 3 pm, Sunday afternoon, the library sale reduces its already awesome prices to $3/bag of books. Yes. And we’re talking the big paper grocery bags. Whatever you can fit into the bag they give you, you get for three bucks. *squee* I’m just really happy I’m finally home for one of these sales. Normally they taunt me by having it the weekend after I go back to school…
{It used to be $2/bag and before that $1/bag, but with people being all sketchy nowadays and buying the books to resell, they’ve raised the price a little. I like the library, so I don’t mind too much. But still… Bad sketchy people, bad}.

For the Next Potential Culinary Venture: Cupcakes for Two
So I know how to make cupcakes and therefore this is technically not a “Culinary Venture”, but I thought it was worth sharing because I found it so intriguing. And I want to try it.
Ever have those days where you want a cupcake, but you don’t really want twelve of them sitting on your counter, whispering for you to eat them, because you know you will? This recipe is perfect then.
I get a kick out of the fact that the amount for the ingredients is in tea & tablespoons. And you only have to use one bowl to mix everything.
Simple is always good.

For Wishful Thinking: Traveling to Paris
{there's a carousel at the base of the Eiffel Tower? huh.}

For Those Bursts of Creativity: Braided Bead Bracelets {whoaaa, alliteration}
{purple & gold? ooh.}
One of the things I found while cleaning my room a few days ago was the shiny round ribbon that is used in this DIY project. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but now! Oh ho! Now I know.
The only downside may be that I don’t know if I can keep the braid as straight as it is shown here. And if the bracelet’s all kinky, then it will look a little odd. Fingers crossed that it works!

For Pure Aesthetic Pleasure: Harry Potter Quote!

If you've never seen TheReadables work, you mustmustmust. She's fantastic as an artist and a reader.

I don't know why my computer and Blogger have decided to conspire against me, but I cannot for the life of me get the text {& some of the pictures} to be their normal size and color. After an extra hour of sitting here and not getting anywhere, I give up. My apologies and I'll try to have this fixed asap.

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