Friday, August 19, 2011

The Little Things in Life, No. 8: Cover Letters, Giveaways, & Mini-Cupcake Tins

{oh, number 2 pencils. how you remind me of tests & SATs & scantrons}
… finding those ACT scores from freshman year of high school and realizing that they suggested engineer as one of my highly potential careers.


{just imagine them Asian. with a cat.}
… having one of my favorite people in the entire universe move from San Diego, which is a minimum two hour drive from UCLA, to about FIVE MINUTES AWAY FROM THE UCLA CAMPUS {give or take five minutes}.

Um, hello? That’s ridiculously awesome. You don’t know how awesome. It’s amazing.

Hopefully some of her talented sewing/baking/science/coolness skills rub off on me, now that I get at least another two years to be around her. Check out her blog, Cation Designs!

{no, not THOSE type of applications}
… dreaming about an internship with FOX that I really want, but have to write a cover letter for first. Drat, cover letters. You’re the bane of everyone’s existence. *sigh* But I vow to write that thing over the weekend so I can email in the cover letter & resume by Monday latest!



… the giveaway happening right now on The Daybook. Trust me, you want to enter. Well, okay, maybe you don’t {Steben sir, it’s probably not your thing}. But for the rest of you! Lovelovelove. Although I don’t know why I’m telling you about this… If you enter, that lessens the chances I have of winning… Hmm… *wary glance*

{pretty & bite-sized!}
… turning in my first rent check for Apartment #216 {aka Paper Lantern Lane, see this post} and figuring out what kitchen-y supplies I’m bringing down with me via emails with Shellie. That girl is wonderful. She deserves cupcakes.

Or mini-cupcakes! I found a mini-cupcake pan in one of the cabinets and my mother said I can take them down with me! {Or rather, she said, “What mini-cupcake pans?” which I assume to mean she isn’t using them and they’re free for the borrowing}.


Anyone else find something fun in their kitchen cupboards while looking for something else? Know of a fantastic giveaway you’d like to share with the rest of us? Hate cover letters? Have one of those friends that is infinitely cool and you really hope you can absorb their coolness via diffusion {just fyi, osmosis only deals with the transfer of water, not ideas/personality traits/etc.}? Does your actual career vary crazily from what you wanted to be when you were younger?

I love the little things in life. <3

And I don't know why, but all my pictures are showing up fuzzy when I size them X-Large, so apologies for the itsy bitsy pictures.
At least they're clear!

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