Saturday, August 20, 2011

Clean Does Not Equal Bored

You know, there's a saying that a clean house is a sign of a wasted life.

And up until this point, I agreed with that statement because it was easier to excuse the fact that my room's a tad messy or explain why there were dog fur fluffs in the corners of the family room.

But I realized something today.

Having a clean house doesn't mean you have nothing better to do.

On the contrary.

Having a clean house shows you care.

You care about the people living in the house, you care enough to consider the house your home, you care about your friends and the people you can invite over impromtu-ly and the get-togethers you can have whenever you feel like it.

I want to have that kind of a home someday.

Free of stuff, free of clutter, free of mess.

Now, stuff, clutter, & mess can be fun {well, maybe not clutter} because it means that something's going on at your place, but it shouldn't be there all the time.

I need to have things organized.

I want to be able to find things.

It'd be nice to be able to invite people over once in a while.

And this is my vow that I will keep my apartment this way and I will keep wherever I live post-college this way.

I'm not minimalistic in any sense of the word, but I can glean through everything and donate things that I'm not using so that {1} I can have a cleaner house & {2} someone else can use whatever it is I'm not using & {3} I'll be happy that my stuff's being useful to somebody.

Cause it's not being useful sitting around, gathering dust.

Not only is it not being useful, it creates more work 'cause then I gotta dust the thing.


Clean is good.

Lived-in is better. *grins*


What's your take on clean or messy houses?

I believe that a house should be neat enough that you won't have to make excuses if someone drops by unexpectedly, but lived-in enough that you can tell the place is inhabited. By humans. Not robots.

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