Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Weekender, No. 6: Penguins, Superheroes, & S'mores

For a New Locale to Explore: Driving to Debrr’s or Mickeyla’s
{hipster driving}
Okay, so neither of these are places I haven’t been to before. However, I haven’t driven there by myself yet. And one of the things I want to do before this summer’s over is be able to get my vehicle and I from my garage to one of their houses all by myself. And back. In one piece. That would be preferable. Oh dear.

For the Next Potential Culinary Venture: S’mores Cookies
The ingredients don’t look as if you’d only find them in a gourmet chef’s kitchen, so that’s a plus. A stick and a half of butter is a bit iffy though. But they’re so gorgeous, how could you not at least attempt to make these cookies?!? And since I happen to looove s’mores {I toast the marshmallows, thank you, not burn them to a blackened hunk of goo. It takes talent and skill. And refined taste buds}, but don’t go camping too often, this would be perfect for those random s’more cravings!

For Wishful Thinking: Penguin Nails
I don’t have enough patience. Or hand-eye-coordination.

For Those Bursts of Creativity: Superhero Masks
{SuperDog to the rescue!}
Because who doesn’t want to be a superhero! I saw this pin on Pinterest and suddenly felt the urge to make my own felt superhero mask. I’d feel so cool! And stealthy! And save-the-world-ish! And the best part is that I can make a bunch if I wanted to, to suit all my different personas! Yes!

For Pure Aesthetic Pleasure: Quilling Art
{Yulia Brodskaya Art}
{quilled monogram}

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