Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In Which It Begins... In Medias Res

I suppose this blog shouldn't be in existence yet, if only due to the fact that all three of us girls are still in the dorms. And yet, I felt that it would be somewhat fitting if we started this project early. After all, we're looking at apartments, aren't we? And so you, reader dear, get to come along for the journey that started not too long ago. Meet my future apartmentmates.

There's Emma. She's our social one. Sometimes a tad disorganized, but then again, so am I during testing season. And she's a quiet genius. As in, the girl is crazy smart, but she never flaunts it or mentions her GPA, so unless you specifically ask her about it, you might miss out on her geniusness. What you can't help but notice, however, is her hilariousness. Emma is one of the most quotable people on the planet. No, seriously.

And then there's Shellie. Our dancer, she's just a bit unconventional. She's always willing to lend a listening and sympathizing ear, though, and is amazingly talented at pretty much everything. And she finds Emma and I amusing, which is kind of a necessity since we get pretty weird while studying late into the night.

And me. I'm Samantha, and beyond that, I'm not sure what to say about myself. I think I'll just leave that up to you to figure out... or my roomies to clarify. *laughs* Oh dear.

Welcome to the madness we call college life. Oh! And the reason behind our name, Paper Lantern Lane? At the moment, it may just be the only thing we're in full agreement on for our apartment next year-- we must have paper lanterns in our apartment. Absolutely must. Everything else, we'll figure it out later.

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