Friday, August 23, 2013

Thoughts // So long, Los Angeles. Hello, dear NorCal.

It has been decided. I'm heading home next weekend. Goodbye, LA; hello, dear, beloved NorCal.

I'm not sure my brain has fully registered what has been decided in the last few hours. Basically, here's what's been going on and what led to this:

+ Before summer officially started, I made an agreement with my parents that I would stay in LA for the summer and job-hunt. If I found something, great, everything's settled. If I didn't by the end of August, I'd head home since it would save on rent, utilities, food, and transportation. I told my roommates about this plan and they were okay with it.

+ At the beginning of July, I came back down to intern in LA.

+ I applied for a job in mid-July and had an interview with them late July. They seemed to like me, so we scheduled a second interview mid-August {the earliest they were willing to go since two out of four of the people interviewing me would be on vacation until then}.

+ Had the second interview. Wasn't entirely sure how that went. Crossed fingers for a speedy decision since the roommates had been getting antsy since the end of July. One of their friends really wanted to take my spot in the apartment and they really wanted to have her. But they were waiting on me.

+ Was told at the end of the second interview that they'd get back to me "early next week" {which was this past week}. To me, "early next week" means Monday, maybe Tuesday at the latest. Well, Wednesday passed by. Then Thursday... At this point, I needed a decision. It's officially the end of August.

+ I got an email from my apartmentmates that if I didn't have a decision by end of the day Friday, they were basically kicking me out {which I can't blame them for; I totally get where they're coming from. Had the situation been switched somehow, I probably would have done the same}.

+ Called the woman in charge Thursday morning, left a voicemail, sent an email midday, called again in the afternoon. Nothing. Gave up hope that I'd get an answer yesterday and decided to call again this morning.

+ Woke up in the middle of the night, couldn't go back to sleep, checked my email. Oh look! A reply! That said no decision has been made yet, but she'll do her best to finalize a decision tomorrow morning {today} and that she'll call me around 11 AM with news.

+ Avoided my computer all morning. No call at 11 AM.

+ Checked email again around 1 PM. Had received an email around noon that said the decision meeting got pushed back and that she'd call around 2-2:30 PM.

+ 2:30 PM passed. Started texting my parents since I was getting super antsy and fidgety. In the middle of texting them, I got a phone call from the woman in charge. And basically, they still couldn't come to a decision today, and they didn't know when they would. She was really sweet about it all.

So. I'm going home. I'm excited. Besides the one week after graduation and the four days during Spring Break, I haven't been home for an extended period of time since Christmas Break. Prepare yourself for the influx of Zoe pictures coming your way!

{One thing I'm kind of worried about, though, is what if the people decide next week or later that they DO want to hire me? By that time, I'll have given up my $500/mo apartment (in WESTWOOD no less, which is walking distance from the office), sold/packed up all my furniture and clothes and things, etc. I'd have to go apartment hunt for a studio/1-bedroom apartment elsewhere (going rate is $1300ish/mo) and set up utilities and move everything back DOWN and find a car so I can get to work... *wrinkles nose* I'm not sure what I'm hoping for at this point}.

Ah, the joys of postgrad life. Anyone need a toaster oven?

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