Saturday, August 24, 2013

List Love // Autumn 2013

Since I'm headed back to NorCal for an indeterminate amount of time and with no specific purpose once I get there {classes, internship, job, summer break, etc-- none of those apply at the moment}, I need another list. A list that keeps me on track, gives me something to aim for, goals, purpose, structure, so I'm not just wandering around aimlessly. I've noticed over the last four years in college that once you go home, it's SUPER easy to get distracted and let time slip away from you. So. Another list is necessary. Here we go. Unlike the Summer 2013 List, this won't consist of all fun things. We mean business this time around!

+ do at least three productive things and one creative thing per day.
+ spend an hour or two either job-hunting or applying on days I stay at home.
+ try for normal people hours. That means wean myself off this crazy "sleep in the evening, work in the wee hours of the morning" thing I've got going right now.
+ drive whenever possible. This sounds super environmentally-unfriendly and unhealthy, but considering I loathe getting behind the wheel, this goal is simply to get me more comfortable driving on my own.
+ keep my parents and Zoe company when they go to all these regional park volunteering events they've been attending recently. Zo is now an American Kennel Club certified Canine Good Citizen. Whoot.
+ figure out what I want my voice on Instagram to be... *grins* 'Cause our old phone contracts just expired and we got smart phones this time around. And you know that a social media/photography platform is right up my alley.
+ find somewhere to work/intern within two weeks of being home. I need to be doing something.
+ clean my room. *shakes head at self* For someone who cleans the apartment top to bottom as soon as her apartmentmates leave for breaks, I fail when it comes to keeping my childhood bedroom neat.
+ go through my stuff and donate a lot of the things I never use anymore.
+ work on some diy/home improvement project things so that I can learn how to do some of the technical stuff from Daddy while I'm home. {It says something that getting my own toolbox from my dad was one of my favorite parts of moving into the apartments}.
+ cook for the parentals. I don't cook super often in the apartments since I'm only feeding myself and standards are lower *sheepish*, but I can cook. I just... don't usually find it worth it for one person. Since I'll be home anyways and there's more people to feed {and my parentals have a HIGH tolerance for my cooking experiments}, I might as well practice.
+ read at least one article a day about something technical {in hopes of better understanding how things around me work} or entrepreneurial {because it's super interesting and keeps me inspired}.
+ continue adventuring. Always. 

What else should be on this list?

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