Monday, July 1, 2013

List Love // The First of July

Today, I'm loving peach iced tea, blueberry waffles, and the fact that it's July.

I started watching Graceland on Hulu 'cause it reminded me of Common Law. USA Network does know how to draw out that suspense. I'm not made for dramatic series. My heart can't take it. *grins* On that note, the pilot was good. Excellent cast.

This series by Harper's Bazaar makes the people-loving part of me very happy. It's a 24-hour day as described by a noted fashion designer and each article is filled with little anecdotes about their preferences and quirks. Makes them more relatable, more human, you know?

I went grocery shopping with a car full of first time apartmenties yesterday. My goodness. Were we really once as confused and befuddled by the layout of the Westwood Ralphs as they are now? How we've grown. They'll learn. D'aww, bahbehs. So cute. In the time it took me to go to Trader Joe's, get my groceries, wait in a really long line, dash back upstairs {cause I thought they might be done that checkout line took so long}, they made it through half of the produce section. *laughs* Little ones. So adorable.

Headed into a sales meeting early tomorrow morning. You know you're a little bit over-achiever when you go in on your day off. Sokays. After I get back, I fully intend to go swimming to make up for the extra responsibleness. Mm. Chlorine.

Walked back from the Metro stop today. When I looked down the street after I got off the bus, I didn't see Line 1 of the Big Blue Bus headed my way, so I decided to start walking. Really wasn't that bad, actually. Had an awesome walking buddy and there was no rush to get back. So I wandered. Into Urban, but I rarely ever find something worth buying {I'm not exactly the boho chic/summer music festival hippie child Urban normally attracts}. Meandered into Target to look for a new notebook, eyeball the teal and mint watches that have been staring at me since March {but was dissuaded from choosing one by the voice in my ear that asked, "but why would you ever leave your phone at home?" Ohhkay, Daddy, you win}, and see if any of their summer dresses appealed to moi. Not a fan of shorts, so I gotta find something to wear this summer. My entire closet is made up of jeans and jackets.

It seemed like a good day to get ice cream, so after I left Target {con cuaderno, sin vestidos y relojes}, I headed towards Diddy Riese and crossed my fingers the line wasn't too long. It wasn't. Yay, me! I did realize while standing in line, talking to Daddy, that I was going to have to make a choice-- have a walking buddy on the way back up to the apts OR eat my ice cream. Decided that a walking buddy was more important. Ice cream could wait until I got back to the apt. It was a little melted, but still good.

This song by Andrew Allen has been on repeat today. Love.

If you didn't know, there's a way to have a Youtube video loop endlessly {without commercials!}, so you don't have to keep clicking back to that tab and hitting Play every time the song finishes. Just type "listenonrepeat" into a Youtube URL {replacing "youtube" before the dot com} and hit Enter. Tada! I approve.

By the way. The ceiling fan connected to our dining room light is my new best friend. Steph and Debrr, you've been replaced. :)

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