Tuesday, July 16, 2013

List Love // During the Silence

When life gets crazy, the blog gets silent... Sorry about that. I have things to post, but since I haven't gotten to them yet, here's a list of things I thought were worth sharing to tide you over.

+ The new people upstairs practice guitar in their closet. I know because whenever I walk into OUR closet, I hear music. And since we aren't in a chick flick, I don't think we have a soundtrack playing overhead when we go to change clothes.

+ I saw a Prius full of moody-looking people holding cigarettes the other day. I wanted to tell them that one doesn't balance out the other, but didn't want to breathe in their secondhand smoke.

+ You know how I said I wanted to eat at a food truck on the Summer 2013 list? Let's just say, I've been an overachiever...

+ I didn't realize how long I'd been following A Beautiful Mess until reading this post about their sixth anniversary. I hope I can accomplish that much in such short amount of time.

+ This Pixar article has been circling my Facebook homepage the last few days. And this Minion ID breakdown.

+ How awesome is this look at what life is like working for Pandora? *nerdlove* That would be amazing.

+ If you feel like watching a movie, I recommend this one. I tend to like movies that don't have a big following or do crazy well at the box office, but have a good story line and excellent characters. Those are the best. Also. Seeing actors before they became well-known is always fun.

+ Someone shared this article on Facebook as well and it's a fascinating read.

+ I've had this blog on my favorite reads list for as long as I've had a favorite reads list, but I thought I'd mention it again. These girls take adventuring to a whole 'nother level. Approve entirely.

+ Another place to live vicariously is this instagram feed. Ashley's blog is something amazing and I think my favorite ever. You know something's good when you consistently end up with watery eyes by the end of a post.

+ Tommy wants to make macarons when he comes back down to SoCal for ReGen. The thought of leaving eggs out for days grosses the heck out of me. So I found this recipe. Whether the things actually are made/turn out okay is a totally different story.

+ DineLA is happening this week if you wanna go. I wanna go. Foodies, unite!

+ This concert is happening on the 31st. Might be going. Adventure.

+ Everyone should watch Pardon My Dust. Microdocumentaries make me happy.

Okay, I think that's it until I can finally sit down and write more. Enjoy, friends!

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