Monday, July 8, 2013

Adventuring // Despicable Me 2 at The Grove

The one movie that I really wanted to see in theaters this summer was Despicable Me 2. When a group of friends asked if I wanted to join them Sunday night, I was like, "YES."

We first tried making the 8:05 PM showing at the AMC in the Century City Westfield Mall. But the tickets were upwards of eighteen bucks. For the non-3D version. I'm sorry, but no.

So our driver found an 8:30 PM showing at The Grove. Considering the drive there would take about twenty minutes, we high-tailed it back to the car. Thankfully, we got there in time and the tickets were indeed cheaper. You have no idea how excited we were for this movie. *laughs*

It was amazing. And so cute. Two of the people in our group have very distinctive, loud laughs, so it was fun watching with them. I will admit, as much as I loved this movie, it's not one of those that you have to see in theaters to get the full effect. Waiting for it to come out on DVD will work, too. Too adorable.

Note to self: The Grove needs more exploration. Everyone kept saying how far away from campus it is, but the drive really isn't that bad. Must return...

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