Sunday, July 7, 2013

Adventuring // Santa Monica Boardwalk & The Market

Santa Monica Place // The Market Exterior

Adventure: Wandering 3rd Street and the Boardwalk with Matt and Stephen.

Goal: Get some sun so we don't glow when we wear shorts.

Santa Monica Place // The Juice Bar at The Market

The night before, after we got back from Abbot Kinney First Friday, a bunch of us gathered to play Nertz in the apartments. At some point, the conversation turned to what we all were doing the next day. The young ones had to study since midterms were coming up, so the only ones free were Matt, Stephen, and I. The joys of interning/working and not taking classes.

Santa Monica Place // The Curious Baker at The Market

My parents and I had stumbled upon The Market on the third floor of Santa Monica Place when they were here at the beginning of the school year. It makes my inner foodie and design geek super happy. So pretty...

Santa Monica Place // Fall in Love With Your Food at The Market

Neither of the guys had ever walked into Santa Monica Place {since the average price point is higher here, most of us college kids tend to stay on 3rd Street instead}, so they really wanted to see this food area upstairs. More than fine with me!

Santa Monica Place // Cook at The Market

Must admit, I find it kinda funny that food related things make me so excited when I'm not exactly the most proficient person in the kitchen. *shrugs* I'm strange. I'm okay with that.

Santa Monica Place // Bar Stools at The Market

Matt had to go to his brother's backyard barbeque at 6 PM, so none of us planned on eating dinner during this excursion. You have to know that The Market smells amazing from all the various food places inside, so not giving in and buying something to eat proved difficult.  

Santa Monica Place // Keep It Local at The Market

I seriously think that anyone who goes adventuring with me quickly gets used to my sudden stops to take pictures. My friends have patience beyond compare. I'm so lucky. *grins* Seriously, though. I am.

Santa Monica Place // Chalkboard Hand-Lettering at The Market

Chalkboard hand-lettering. *sigh*

Santa Monica Place // M.A.K.E. at The Market

So many things to love about this picture. It'd fit right in here. Apparently, I have a type.

Santa Monica Boardwalk // Fourth of July Weekend

Once we finished wandering through The Market, we headed out to the Boardwalk. I think I've only ever walked halfway down with my parentals. Since one of the things on the Summer 2013 List is to ride the ferris wheel at the end of the pier, I wanted to see how much it'd cost.

Looking back, July 4th weekend probably wasn't the most ideal time to walk to the end of the boardwalk. So. Many. People. I don't know if you can tell, but it was wall to wall people in that picture above. Eugh.

Santa Monica Beach // Fourth of July Weekend

The beach itself was pretty busy as well. I'm personally not the biggest fan of the beach since you never know what's in the sand. *eww* Matt stepped off the boardwalk and looked at Stephen and I, "Don't you want to walk the beach?" Uhhh... not really...

Turns out, it wasn't really Matt's day though. He ended up stepping in gum, which stuck to the bottom of his foot and wouldn't let go. Stephen and I felt terrible for chuckling, but really... it was Matt's idea to walk from the Boardwalk to the bridge back up to 3rd Street and this happens? Poor kid.

The entire way back to the car, he was like, "I hate people. They're so disgusting. I hate people."

Santa Monica Boardwalk // Despicable Me 2 Plushies

THESE. You can't tell, but they're ginormous. "It's so fluffy, I'M GONNA DIE." Gaaah...

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