Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Intern Life // Early Interns Get the Cookies

Joan's on Third- Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Cookies
Entertainment Company Buildings on Wilshire Blvd
Craft & Folk Art Museum
Craft & Folk Art Museum, across the street from my bus stop

Thoughts: {in no particular order}

+ The walk across campus to get back to my apartment was killer. 85+ degree weather is NOT ideal when you're wearing all black and none of it is loose-fitting. The urge to just stop in my tracks, plop down on the ground, throw my hands up, and be like, "I GIVE UP," was very strong. But that's not proper post-grad behavior. So instead, I put on sunglasses so I didn't go blind from the setting sun, called my dad so I had a walking buddy, and switched into autopilot. Four years of hiking across campus in flats paid off after all.

+ The Metro buses have NO. SPRINGS. See, Big Blue Buses vibrate when they go over potholes and when they make sudden stops at streetlights. Metro buses... Good grief. I think the rides to and from work were enough to make all that money my parents paid for orthodontia moot. Talk about shaking teeth loose. Goodness. And the screeching of the brakes? *shudder* On the upside, it takes a heck of a lot less time to get where I need to go since less people use Metro and we don't have to make as many stops.

+ Joan's on Third. It's one of those mystical {mythical? hmm} LA places I've read about on food blogs {especially those that specialize in dessert type things}, but never visited cause (1) I don't have a car, (2) I don't know where it is, and (3) I don't want to pay that much for a cupcake. But anyway. I helped organize and set up lunch today for two different meetings {one for the digital team that was briefing a new hire from NY and one where they strategize about Oscars awards season}. Seven HUGE paper bags of takeout orders from Joan's on Third. Not a cupcake in sight. Gigantic cookies in abundance though. And I got to take home a chocolate chip one and a peanut butter one since there were a few extra. #internshipperks

+ You know Heelys? That shoe company that puts wheels in the bottom of shoes so that upper elementary kids can think they're super cool? Well, as eye-roll-inducing as they are, someone should make those in more adult-friendly forms. Like in flats. Cause the hallways in this office building go on forever. And all I can think while making my way down the empty hallway is "There has to be a way to make this more efficient." Also, "I really want to see how fast I can run," but then the thought of someone opening a door into my face makes that a slightly less pleasant idea.

+ Sometimes, it can feel as if you're doing all the actual work and your fellow interns are just spending their time sucking up to the boss. Which is not fun. Then again, other times, since the people in the office now know you get stuff done, you get chances to do more fun things. I think my favorite line to hear from people who come up to my desk is "Are you busy?" Because that usually means they have something new for me to do or need help with something. And I like being useful.

+ Plus, when you get to spend time with a whole BUNCH of different people {since, at some point, your boss gave the other interns more time-consuming jobs to do, so you're free to help out anybody and everybody else in the office}, you get to talk with them and learn their backgrounds and how they ended up where they are and all sorts of fun things like that. I like people.

+ I so. So. SO. overestimated how long it would take me to get to work this morning. I was super cautious when planning out everything last night since I wasn't entirely sure how long the buses would take or how long I would have to wait for them at the stop or what traffic would be like... Left the apartment at 8:20 AM, which was actually 10 minutes after I wanted to have left, so I felt super late. Got to the Big Blue Bus stop at 8:34 AM. Bus got there at 8:36 AM. Got off and transferred buses at 8:40 AM {yes, I was one of those annoying people that get on the bus and get off a few stops later. What can I say? That extra 15-20 minutes of my time and effort is worth 50 cents?}. Arrived at my final stop at 9:12 AM.

I was supposed to be in the office around 10 AM. Oops.

S'fine. Ended up just going in early since I remembered my boss saying last week that she got in around 9 AM or earlier every day. Had time to get a head start on organizing the magazine library/archives before the others got in. Which led to the whole "Wanna help me with this?" question that led to THE COOKEHS. Nom.

+ Really. Those cookies made my day.

+ LA Public Works really needed to put the "going back towards UCLA" bus stop further back from the street. When I step under the overhang to get out of the sun {so that the tops of my feet don't get an even more impressive flats tan-- trust me, they look really strange right now already}, I'm basically on top of that car speeding by. And breathing in the exhaust straight from the pipe. Gaaah.

+ Did you know the La Brea Tar Pits actually smell like tar?... Or that could be the repaved section of the road-- I really can't tell. I do find it cool that my bus stop is RIGHT NEXT TO the open entrance. I would've wandered in today after work since there was no bus in sight, but I was roasting. Adventure for another day.

+ True summer weather.

+ The fact that most of my friends are home for the summer makes me contemplate granny-like bedtimes. Craving sleep at 8 PM? Eh, why not. This may be my most well rested summer yet.

+ Sleeeeep. I was serious about those granny bedtimes. Eyes are drooping as I type. *slow blink*

+ I love the fact that the marketing/sales intern desks are right next to the magazine archives. Bookworm heaven. Cause basically whenever there's downtime... I get to read. Heh.

+ Okay, I give up. Editing photos for this post and going to bed. Don't care if it'll be before 10 PM. *drifts off*

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