Friday, June 28, 2013

The Intern Life // Besties with the Boss

Today's adventures:

+ Caught a ride to work today with one of my fellow UCA Board members. She's the type of person who can get anyone to loosen up and have fun, even when doing the most mundane things. Throw caution to the wind, no filters, anything goes. Hanging out with people like her is so much fun. And it was nice to get that extra hour of sleep since I didn't need to catch a bus.

+ Met the final intern. There's six of us-- three every day of the week, except Thursday when there's four in the office. He & Sam {see above} have similar personalities, so to say that we were a tad ridiculous today... bit of an understatement. *grins* Our boss seemed so serious and intent on Wednesday, but today, she was totally teasing them back and messing with all of us and telling us stories from her past. I think Fridays may be my new favorite.

+ Have the awesomest Dad. I texted him mid-morning, asking if he could please photocopy/scan/take a picture of my passport sometime before Monday and send it to me cause I needed it for work ID verification. In just a few minutes, I get a text back that basically said, "Okay, I'll go do it now." Oh... Okay, thanks! Super speedy service, sir. *nods*

+ Went out to lunch with my two fellow interns and our boss. *laughs* They're crazy. In a good way. I tend to be pretty quiet at first when it comes to a work environment, mostly cause I'm assessing everything and taking it all in, learning everyone's personalities and preferences so that I'm aware of how much teasing they can take. These three... insta-buddies, man. They make me laugh.

At one point, the baby girl sitting at the table next to us kept staring at Michael {the final intern mentioned above}. Lo, our boss, nudged him and said, "Hey, you've got yourself a girlfriend." When the little girl's parents noticed us looking at her, they smiled, Lo asked how old the girl was, and the parents told us she was one. {Note: Lo had just finished telling us about her two-year-old boy before pointing out the baby girl}. Michael, without even blinking an eye, puts his arm around Lo's shoulders, gives her a half hug, and tells the couple "Aww, we have a two year old." Sam, Lo, and I died. The couple probably thought we were nuts.

+ Since I wasn't very hungry, I decided to try the chili at The Counter, instead of making my own burger. It was good, though probably not as great as if I had customized my lunch with a burger. Twas fine though, cause sweet potato fries make up for everything.

+ Got to leave a bit early today since NO ONE WAS IN THE OFFICE. Seriously. Place was deserted. Something about "Summer Fridays"?

+ Impromptu adventuring with Sam. She wanted to go exchange something at Tiffany & Co., so we stopped by the one on the corner of Rodeo & Wilshire. Considering the fact that she was dressed for Casual Friday {loose floral shorts & a denim jacket} and this is Tiffany's we're talking about, the guys in suits behind the counter at the front of the store gave us The Look. I was amused.

It's very... calm in there. Never been in one before because, really, what reason have I to go inside? Twas interesting to experience,  but don't really feel the need to return anytime soon. It says something when the only other clients in the shop were a harried-looking mom and her tall, blonde, braces-wearing, teenage daughter. Not my scene. But I can now say I've shopped at Tiffany's if anyone asks?

+ Found the fanciest gas station. I mean... whyyy.

Both Sam and I are fans of food and adventuring, so after we stopped by the fanciest gas station ever, we headed over to Magnolia Bakery, which Sam swears has the best everything ever. Obviously, the fact that I'd never been there before had to be remedied. While driving around looking for parking, I noticed that Joan's on Third AND Simple Things are on the same block as Magnolia. Must. Return. Again. #foodieadventures

+ All in all, a good day. Working full days always reminds me that life is weird when you work until 5 PM and don't have homework to do. Cause by the time you get home, you eat dinner and... then what. Seriously. Still not kidding when I say I've been contemplating EARLY bedtimes. Although, to be honest, I've still somehow been staying up til the wee hours of the morning cause I can't actually fall asleep. The saving joy of ebooks and a library card.

+ One last thing. When Sam and I drove past LACMA today, we saw a couple kissing amidst the lamppost forest when NO ONE WAS TAKING A PICTURE OF THEM. *O.o* Who does that. What strange people. And then Sam was all, "WHERE'S YOUR SENSE OF ROMANCE, GIRL." Uh...


So, I didn't want to seem weird during lunch, so I didn't bring my camera. Nor did I bring my camera into Tiffany's {can you imagine what kind of looks THAT would raise? Yikes}. Sooo... All you get is a picture of a fancy gas station. Enjoy.

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