Saturday, June 29, 2013

Foodie Adventuring // Magnolia Bakery in Beverly Hills

Magnolia Bakery Beverly Hills- Interior
Magnolia Bakery Beverly Hills- Hummingbird Cupcake
^ I didn't filter this one like I normally do because it made the pecans appear black. Which looked really, really gross. Like, "Why would you BUY that?" gross. So. No filter. ^
Magnolia Bakery Beverly Hills- Vanilla Cupcake w/Vanilla Frosting
Magnolia Bakery Beverly Hills- Maple Whoopie Cookie
Magnolia Bakery Beverly Hills- Enjoying the Goods
Magnolia Bakery Beverly Hills- Frosting Cupcakes

Impromptu foodie adventure with my fellow intern post work.


Who: Sam & I
Where: Magnolia Bakery in Beverly Hills
When: Friday at 6:00 pm

The Restaurant: Compared to the simple, modern, minimalist look favored by its fellow foodie hotspots, Magnolia is surprisingly country chic. We're talking banner garlands, cake stands, serif and curlicue fonts, and pastel everything. Brightly-colored fresh flowers in big glass mason jars, cream colored walls, black and white checkered wood floors. Americana everywhere, vintage metal signs telling you to "Eat, Drink, Be Merry!", clotheslines holding souvenir tees.

It's airy, with high ceilings and lots of open floor space so customers can wander around. The cupcakes are on the far end of the shop, with cakes and pies in the middle, and puddings nearest the cash register. In the middle of the place is a table with examples of decorated cakes and cupcakes you can buy for your next big event. Once you've chosen your baked goods, you can sit at one of three small tables inside {each fit two people} or several sleek-looking silver table sets outside along the large window.

The girls behind the counter are super friendly, super sweet, and they frost cupcakes right in front of you in the open kitchen towards the back of the shop! The technique they use to get that frosting juuust right... Their wrists must hurt after a while. But it is gorgeous! And very uniform. So jealous.
The Food: Sam swears by their Vanilla Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting. Which I find a teensy bit funny since she's SO not a vanilla-type person. She's more... funfetti. But anyways. I didn't try hers, but the frosting came in teal, lavender, and pale yellow, so that was cool.

I'm one of those people who always aims to try something I can't make at home. I can make vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting. They may not be as amazing and butter-filled as these assuredly were, but they can be made. On the other hand, Hummingbird Cupcakes... now those sounded more interesting. The menu reads, "banana, pineapple, and pecan cake with sweet cream cheese icing, topped with toasted pecans." I may not be a super fan of banana or pecans, but that cupcake sounds a ton more interesting than vanilla on vanilla. I can't exactly tell you how it tastes just yet since I kind of got my sugar rush from...

The Whoopie Cookie. While I still think that's a silly name for a baked good, there's no denying that this thing was the. best. thing. there. "Two brown sugar cookies with maple cream cheese filling." Dear goodness. Sam and I split one since we both knew, as soon as we saw it, that we must try it. It's... *sigh*... euphoria sounds so dramatic, but seriously. Sososo amazing. Gaaah. Speechless.

With that intense sugar rush flowing through my bloodstream, there was really no need for me to even taste the Hummingbird Cupcake. So it's patiently waiting for me. Right there. Eyeing me down. *O.O* No, Cupcake. I'm still on sweets overload. You'll just have to wait some more. Stop that.

The Conversation: There wasn't too much. Mostly about the food. And how amazing that cookie business was. And a little bit about what we want to do as a career, but not a lot. It was relaxing. And Sam was nice enough to just let me do my normal foodie adventure thing-- which is take pictures of everything. And eat slowly. Cause that's kind of how I work. *nods*

Conclusion: I'm glad I get to hang out with this girl every Friday. She keeps it real, is very straight-forward, and just tells you what she thinks. Very face value and that's kind of rare nowadays. Her "let's go!" attitude towards life drags me along with her and it's great. It really is. Adventures every Friday! I'm down.

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