Friday, February 8, 2013

This Week the Trend: Midterms, Presentations, & Procrastination

UCLA UCA Winter Networking Night

Of note.

+ I'm procrastinating right now because I'm brain-tired from studying for today's two midterms, but I have to create and practice my 5-10 minute presentation for my 8am-12:30pm honors class tomorrow. Sigh.

It's normally a 9am-12pm class, but since everyone has to give their presentations tomorrow, we have to go in early and possibly stay late. I'm quite sad about that.

+ I came home after that second midterm and slept from 6:30-10:30pm. It was glorious.

+ In the midst of my midterm-studying delirium last night, I painted four of the nails on my left hand. I looked at them this morning. Christmas colors. Whoops. On the other hand {ha! pun not intended}, they look really pretty: emerald green, clear with redgreenandsilver glitter, dark burgundy, and ivory white.

+ I should really go do that project.

+ Ivy's back! Yayyy! Crazy girl spent all of fourth week in Hong Kong for a cousin's wedding and now has jetlag like no one's business. It's Thursday and there are only small signs of recovery. Poor Ivy. A midterm and two quizzes today. All taken while feeling like it's two in the morning when it's really 5pm here. *patpat* Thank goodness for the weekend.

+ I still have that Grapefruit Juice in the fridge. And it's still over half full. I've been mixing it with water in a 60-40 ratio {the 60 being water-- majorly diluted, I tell you} and it's still a little sour. Rawr.

+ I should really go start writing down ideas for my presentation.

+ You know it's midterm season when I haven't gone over to 213 all week, except for a UCA Board mtg.

+ I got asked today if I'd read Fifty Shades of Grey. I said no and looked disapprovingly at the freshman boy who'd made the inquiry. "Why? Have you read it?" He sheepishly said that he kind of wanted to, just to know what all the hype is about. I highly, highly disapprove of that plan. But how do you explain your sentiments about the book to a young one who simply likes the written word and doesn't quite understand what that book is about? I recommend reading Fran's thoughts about it here. She explains it well.

+ Project-writing focus will commence at midnight.

+ I like professors who allow us to answer midterm essay questions in bulletpoints. As you can tell, I approve of bulletpoints. They keep me sane and let me jump from topic to topic. Not that I do that on my midterm. Cause that would be bad.

+ Watched Wreck-It Ralph Tuesday night. So. Adorable. I didn't understand why people said they cried though. It wasn't sad. You know there'll be a happy ending-- Owl City is involved. And he doesn't do sad endings.

I get the feeling that my lack of vintage video game knowledge kept me from trulytruly catching all the nuances and subtle references made throughout the movie. But take it from this lifetime non-gamer; Wreck-It Ralph is still completely worth watching, no matter how old you are or what level your video game knowledge.

Things I loved about it: the graphics. Ah-mazing. the soundtrack. Too cute {it's so happy and chipper most of the time}. the characters & their interactions. Sarah Silverman's super-convincing ability to scream like someone's tearing her heart out of her chest {I was quite impressed}. the storyline. Which is rare to say about any film these days. Owl City's ending credits song.

Things that made me nervous: that Turbo/bug hybrid. Ohmahgosh. So. Scary.

+ I have so many tabs open right now that it's kind of ridiculous. I'll start clearing them out tomorrow afternoon. Sigh. Presentation.

+ It's after midnight. I must go. One last thing.

+ Had an internship interview yesterday. I think it went well. Remind me to tell you about it later. After I finish this presentation. Gaaaahhhhh.


G'night y'all. Be good. 

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