Sunday, February 3, 2013

This Week the Trend // Color Run, OUAT, & Networking Night

Los Angeles Sunset- Westwood
{the filter I used actually FADED the colors a bit-- this was a brilliant sunset}.

Of note.

+ Should've done one of these list posts earlier in the week. I don't remember what happened now...

+ My roomies did a day trip out to Irvine today without me. I had to study for midterms. Siiiigh. But I'm still okay with this because (1) I got to nap & grocery-shop & study and (2) they brought me back fooooood! They spoil me. Coffee Bread with Red Bean & Mochi from 85 Degrees and three GIANT Korean pears from H Mart in Irvine's Diamond Jamboree Shopping Center. Happiness.

+ Ocean Spray's Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice. It's like drinking those grapefruit gummies. I haven't decided if I like it or not. *pucker*

+ Three days until ALL. THE. MIDTERMS. Ohdear.

+ Mabel did The Color Run yesterday. It's on my To-Do-Someday List. GOC had over 30 people go as a team and they all had fun. *grins* I'm impressed that a bunch of them went to Korean BBQ right after without showering off the color. That must have been a sight.

Apparently, the color powder that's thrown at you is made of cornstarch, so when Mabel got back and went to take a shower, it all solidified in her hair. I find that highly amusing.

+ OUAT Saturday night with expanded S-Team & Jo. THEY KILLED OFF GRAHAM. WHYYYYYY. {As you can see, we're slowly (sloooooowly) making our way through Season One}.

Friday night, we were going to attempt to watch an episode or two, but... yeah, when all of us are in the same room, we get distracted. {Let's bake anatomically-correct heart cookies! Ooh, beach ball! Why're there spoons in your couch? Penguins! Your jacket is sitting in a pile of chips...}. We discovered that Tommeh fits all my jackets {they're slightly loose on me, so they just look fitted on him}, which means that both our wardrobes just expanded by 50%. Approve.

+ Spending time with all my favorite people Friday night after GOC during AFF {After-Fellowship Fellowship}.

+ Practicing yearbook layouts on InDesign Friday afternoon. The mix of technical and artistic skills used to create interesting layouts? It makes me happy.

+ I don't remember what I did Thursday night. 

... Aaand I just realized that made me sound like I partied hard. Which I didn't...

Oh! I know what I did. I went over to 213 and just hung out. The reason I remember now is cause Steph gave me two glow stick crowns and I walked back to my apartment feeling as if I had partied cause I glowed in the dark. I think we watched two episodes of OUAT that night, too. Huh. Didn't realize we'd tried to watch three nights in a row...

+ Actually experimented in the kitchen Thursday evening. Baked marinated chicken and a pan of dark cocoa brownies. Those brownies, dude. So. Amazing. *siiiiigh*

+ Skipping BruinLife OHs Thursday afternoon to chatter with Steph on the Ackerman Patio. Completely worth it. Love this girlie.

+ Flyering with Cynthia for BruinLife Thursday morning before class. We initially tried to take Scott {our EIC's terrier puppy} out with us as we flyered, but goodgrief! is he hyperactive. It got ridiculous. So we gave him back to Jose and flyering became so much more successful.

+ I hermitted Wednesday. It was nice. 

+ UCA's Winter Networking Night was Tuesday. I may not be Co-Director for the event any longer, but I ended up doing all the same things I used to do to prep for the big night. Didn't mind too much since I adore the girls I get to work with-- they're awesome.

And Networking Night went wonderfully! The turnout went way beyond expectations and the speakers were super sweet and informative. So excited that we're getting better at this, but bummed that we seniors only have one more left to attend before we graduate. *sigh*

+ The sunset Tuesday evening in Los Angeles. Wow.


I have to do these more than once a week because my brain is not used to thinking as intensely as this. *grins* Seriously, trying to recall what I did every day this past week was hard to do.

And now that my brain is officially tired, I think I shall go try to read one more academic article before bed. So. Much. To. Do. *eek!*

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