Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Recovery

Sunset- Adventure is the Best Way to Learn

Recovery from the midterm spike.

I haven't decided which I like better: (a) one midterm a week from Week 3 until Week 9 or (b) three midterms in less than 24 hours.

Three midterms in less than 24 hours: On one hand, I get everything over with in one fell swoop. On the other, I die.

One midterm a week from Week 3 until Week 9: On one hand, I don't have to cram for everything at the same time. On the other... well, actually, having a test every week means you're constantly in study mode so by the time finals come around, you're ready for it all. Plus, the more tests you have, the less material is on each test and each test is worth a smaller percentage of your grade, so if you only do okay on one, you can do better on the next one and it'll even out.

Okay, I know which one I like better now.


+ Steph had her GRE this Saturday, so she went home for the weekend. Since we normally sit together during Crossroads {Young Adult Ministry at GCC}, Jo & Stephen tried to make me feel better about no Steph by keeping me company today. It was highly appreciated.

*thinks about it* You know, I hadn't noticed before, but I've gotten very used to singing next to Steph. Cause sitting with different people today, it was strange. Not in a bad way, but just... different.

Fingers crossed she did wonderfully!!!

+ One ickle girlikins {aka Mickeyla} was shorn like a sheep Thursday for Locks of Love. Girl looks goood. Shorter than both of us expected, but she pulls it off very nicely. I can't help but keep petting her head-- it's so soft...

+ I got an internship! You know how I said I wasn't sure what to do with myself since I had two days off this quarter and I'm so used to being busy? Well. My Mondays and Wednesdays are now taken. While I would have preferred to have this begin at the start of a quarter so I'm used to the fast-paced schedule {as opposed to in the middle when I've already gotten used to the extra time to sleep & study}, I'm still super thankful for this opportunity. Here's to hoping I can figure out the bus schedules and survive the shift from two days off to none and working! *eek*

+ Impromptu In'n'Out run with the roomie and a few other GOCers tonight. Nothing like a chocolate shake and still-sizzling fries to make midterm-studying so much better.

+ It's Ping's birthday tomorrow! I didn't know until Mabel told me this afternoon... Must. Find. Birthday. Cake. *O.o* We're going to see if one of us can make it out to Ralph's tomorrow to find something. And we need candles... and matches... Hmm.

+ I've slept a lot this weekend. And I'm still a little groggy. Hmm. Solution: GET MORE SLEEP! *grins* Oh, college.

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