Monday, February 18, 2013

Foodie Adventuring // Fantasia on Santana Row

Fantasia on Santana Row- Exterior
Fantasia on Santana Row- Interior/Menu
Fantasia on Santana Row- Peach Green Tea with Milk & Boba
Santana Row

Impromptu stop on the drive back to UCLA after an impromptu trip home for a three-day weekend. 


Who: Charmian, Ivy, Evelyn, & I
Where: Fantasia on Santana Row
When: Monday at 3:00 pm

The Restaurant: A little hard to find if you're following your GPS since Santana Row is a maze of shops connected by skinny one-way streets. Trust me when I say: park your car when you see a spot {even if your GPS says you're not there yet} and walk the rest of the way. The exercise won't kill you.

Fantasia was so busy when we walked in that Ivy & I had to wait outside since there wasn't any room inside to read the menu. The clientele was diverse-- in that there was a large group of Asian teenagers in the corner booth, but a bunch of various non-Asian families buying drinks as well.

I love their decor. Very... *laughs* coffee shop. Except with bamboo and tea. If mini panda cookies are your thing, you can find them here. Their staff was friendly and really fast. Advantages of a smaller work/kitchen area since they can all hear you when you place your order?
The Food: Charmian ordered the Blueberry Black Tea with Boba, which was the deep purplish color that stains things so very easily and well. She stayed safe and finished it fast-- not taking a chance that it might spill in her car. *grins* I guess she liked it?

Evelyn had a hot Almond Milk Tea with Boba and thought it was okay. Nothing mind-blowing, but it definitely satisfied her craving.

Ivy didn't want anything, but I tried the Peach Green Tea with Milk & Boba {I was going to write 'Green Milk Tea,' but I wasn't sure if that'd sound strange} on a recommendation from Charmian. It had a nice balance of tea and milk and the peach gave it a slight tang after every sip. I'd repeat this.

The Conversation: Hurried decisions about what to get. Laughter over the fact that we just started driving and the other three girls needed to use the restroom already. There really wasn't too much chatter since (1) it was loud in there and (2) we were about to spend seven hours in the car together, so why talk now?

Conclusion: Although it definitely put us behind schedule in terms of getting back to LA in a timely manner, this impromptu boba stop was worth it. What is life if not for adventuring and trying new things?

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