Saturday, February 16, 2013

Foodie Experiment // Red Velvet Waffles

Foodie Experiments // Red Velvet Waffles

Foodie experiment: using the waffle maker for unconventional/unexpected things again.


Who: Steph & I with Apt 313 as taste-testers
What: Red Velvet Waffles {ice cream optional}
Where: Prep in 213, baking in 313
When: 11:45pm - 1:45am

The Idea: Apt 313 made waffles Wednesday night and brought some downstairs for us to try. The texture was a bit different than the waffles I usually make and, for some reason, that slight difference in texture made me think "funfetti waffles"-- which was an idea that was voiced and then enthusiastically seconded by one excited Steph.

It was too late at night to try out the idea right then and there, so it was decided that we would attempt either funfetti or red velvet waffles the next night. My kind of Valentine's Day date: making dessert with friends and a possibility of viewing the new episode of OUAT. *grins*

Oh, to clarify, (1) the waffles Apt 313 made were amazing, (2) the reason I immediately thought "funfetti waffles" was because I've learned that funfetti in any form is a fan favorite {funfetti cake cookies are super easy to make in case you're low on time when trying to bake something yummy}, and (3) we ended up making red velvet waffles instead, although I would assume funfetti ones would be just as delicious {and will be attempted at some point in the future, knowing us}.
The Prep: Cake cookies require a slight adjustment in recipe proportions, but we decided to mix the batter for these red velvet waffles exactly as the box of cake mix instructed. The veggie oil required in the batter keeps the waffles from  sticking to the waffle maker, so you don't need to spray the insides of the device.

There were A TON of powder lumps lurking in the batter, which I didn't appreciate and thus proceeded to annihilate. That took a while. But that's just cause I'm finicky about that. I'm not sure it really made a difference in the long run.

The reason we did all the prep work downstairs in 213 is because I know where everything in their kitchen is located, whereas I have no clue where anything is in 313. Logic does not rule that kitchen layout.

Apparently, we should have added a little extra flour to the cake batter because it squished out the sides and back of the waffle maker. Or maybe used the 1/4 measuring cup as a ladle instead of the 1/3 one. Either way, the waffle maker was a MESS by the time I got through using up all the batter. *deep sigh* And while I don't recommend locking the two sides shut once you put your batter inside {I accidentally did for waffles 5 & 6 which caused the excess batter to leak out the back through the hinge and dear goodness it's a pain to try to clean}, I do recommend lightly keeping the lid from rising quite as far as it would like since your waffle wouldn't bake properly if you let it expand as much as it wanted.

Make sure when you're letting the waffle maker do its thing that you use your gut to determine when the waffles inside are ready. I've found {at least for my waffle maker} that the red/green light system really isn't accurate at all. Instead, I watch the amount of steam rising out of the machine-- when it starts to die down and the sizzling being emitted by the insides of the waffle maker get quieter, give it a few extra seconds and then it's probably done.

The Finished Product: Amazing. Lighter and airier than your average waffle, they were clouds of happiness with a slight crunch to the edges that made them that much better. They did taste like red velvet cake, but not as overpoweringly as a cupcake would be.

One box of cake mix made about 13.5 waffles {about 5''x5'' dimensions, non-Belgian waffle depth}.

And they tasted perfectly fine for breakfast the next morning, untoasted. Which is kind of impressive. 

Conclusion: I would definitely try these again, either with red velvet or with a different flavor cake mix.

HOWEVER. I need to figure out a way to keep the batter from oozing out the sides before this recipe is repeated. Because it took WAY too much of my time and brain power to try and get the batter off the outside of the waffle maker. I even busted out the toolbox to perform informal surgery on the device, trying to get dried red velvet batter out of the hinge {gah, it bothers me}. No dice. Some of it's still in there and I can't do anything about it. *rawrrr*

Steph & I only tried the finished product by itself, but the guys ate theirs with vanilla ice cream {like an ice cream sandwich} and gave it their hearty seal of approval. Either works and I'm still curious to see how cream cheese icing would do atop these deep red squares of goodness... 


Steph had to leave by 12:30am since she was going to wake up early the next morning, so I just kept myself company in the kitchen. While I made waffles, the guys played a theological-reference-filled game of Settlers of Catan. They're so strange. And yet hilarious. *shakes head in exasperation*

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