Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ramblings // I Like Life

Just stopping in with some random things that need saying before I go back to my homework in peace.

+ I need to go grocery shopping. Seriously. Just putting that out there.

+ Why is it that even though I like the assignment I'm doing and I understand what needs to be done to finish it, it's still taking me FOR.EVAH. to complete? *sigh*

+ Steph made Apple Crumble Muffins {with caramelized crispy things that were ahmazing} tonight and brought me one. I am thankful for that girl.

+ Parmesan Goldfish are my weakness.

+ Leaving fifteen minutes early from the internship means the difference between a two-hour cramped bus ride home versus an hour and ten minutes bus ride home on a decently empty bus. I'm glad my boss understands and encouraged me to head out early today.

+ Although I ended up being awkward on the bus. I was definitely falling asleep and drifting off, but deep slumber is not the best thing to partake in while on a public transit bus, so I kept nodding off, nodding off, nodding off, *tilting towards window*... AWAKE. I'M AWAKE. I SWEAR I'M AWAKE.

Seriously. The entire way home. I'm just glad that when I looked around covertly after one of these jerking-upright-and-trying-to-open-my-eyes sessions, I saw that many of the people around me were falling asleep/napping as well. At least I'm not alone in my sleepeh-bunneh-ness.

+ The easy access to full-sized Twix bars at work is a dangerous thing indeed.

+ We had food from Abbot's Pizza Company for lunch at work today. It's pretty delicious. They ordered in five x-larges in a variety of flavors {BBQ Chicken, Spicy Chicken, Veggie, Meat-Lovers, & Popeye's Chicken}, but I think I liked the Popeye's Chicken one the best. Mmm. Garlic & pesto...

+ I'm glad it didn't rain today. Well, at least while I was outside.

+ Meh. There're probably more things I could talk about, but I need to finish this thing so I can go to sleep cause tomorrow I'm going to stay up laaate to finish another big assignment/do the readings/finish a few little assignments. Yay, honors classes. *sigh*

+ Speaking of classes. My first pass for Spring Quarter class sign-ups was Valentine's Day at 11am. The freshies are just getting their first passes now. I feel like a cool kid. AND I'M SO THANKFUL I GOT INTO A PSYCH LAB. Dude. Those things are hard to come by. Steph & I tried to get into one last quarter with pretty early sign-up times and they were ALL. FULL. by the time our first pass came around. *shakes head* It's crazy out there.

+ My fingers are frozen.

+ The thermostat system at work is so cool. We have this {The Nest Learning Thermostat} in the office and even the people who've worked there a while still get a kick out of it.

+ Pandora's "Disney Channel Stars" radio channel has been killing it recently. Lots of old, catchy, 'whatever-happened-to-that-group' songs. Approve.

+ I like life. I know I'm a tad tired and I know I'll be even more out of it tomorrow come this 3:30am hour, but I'm happy and I'm content and I think life is good. *thinks about it* Yep. Life IS good.   

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