Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter Quarter, Week One: Carbohydrates & Friends

Random things of note.

+ I must have a thing for ethnic breads. Checked to see if Trader Joe's had Pretzel Challah yesterday, they didn't, so got Tandoori Garlic Naan instead. Mmm. Carbs. hee.

+ Conversation between me & Ping {my Taiwanese Electrical Engineering PhD roomie} this morning:

P: looking at her bag of potatoes in the pantry. "Do you need any potatoes this weekend? They're gross."

Me: confused. "What?"

P: holds up a potato that looks perfectly fine if a little sprouty.

Me: "Wait, do you mean 'gross' or 'growing'?"

P: "... What's the difference?"

Me: "Gross means disgusting..."

P: "Oh! No, growing. Growing!"

Yay for international miscommunication. It makes life fun.

+ Yesterday was eventful.

Wake up at 6:45am, class from 9am-12pm, BruinLife office hours/working on my writing sample from 12pm-3pm, meet Steph at 3pm to walk into Westwood {Trader Joe's, course reader textbook store, Whole Foods for a free mini cupcake, Gushi for dinner}, dinner/faux-roomie-naptime with 213, walk to GOC at 6:30pm, GOC from 7pm-10pm, boba run around 11:30pm {ran into Emma & Shellie! yay}, bother about in 213 until 1:30am, watch Once Upon a Time with some of my favorite people until 3:30am, work by the light of our apt Christmas tree for a bit after I got back home.

I had fun.

+ Mabel brought back an 85 Degrees coffee/redbeanmochi bun for me yesterday from her overnight trip to Irvine. Happiness.

+ I'm glad the winter hiatus for TV shows is over. And that I have time to appreciate that fact.

+ Possibly interning this quarter. Fingers crossed. I'm excited.

+ I broke out the thermals-under-jeans yesterday. Cold weather is only my friend up to a certain point. My love for winter is not unconditional.

+ Why so many winter birthdays, guys? Sheesh.

+ Is it weird that I'm almost excited to read for class this quarter? Yay for liking my classes!

+ Happy Saturday! Hope you have something exciting planned for the weekend! I'm going ice-skating in an hour. Where my love-hate relationship with winter shall continue... 

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