Friday, January 11, 2013

Stream of Consciousness

There are times when I start to feel completely overwhelmed. So many things to do, everyone seems to want their thing done right now, there isn't an easy way to prioritize everything because it's all important, deadlines are looming... what to do?!?

That's when this space becomes a stream of consciousness and there's no rhyme or reason {or applicable grammatical rules} to what is written. So.

+ The 21st birthday party that's happening outside is going to have a heck of a time getting to class tomorrow morning.

+ My list of things to do RIGHT NOW includes: writing professional email inquiries to two contacts to ask if they'd like to collaborate with our student group for an event. advertise for that same student group's upcoming events and BruinLife {UCLA's yearbook} internships {whose apps are due this Monday for those interested}. research Digest Blog and create a short writing sample for LA Magazine's food editor about a restaurant's new Saturday brunch menu... and since I'm crazy sometimes, that writing sample also means I feel compelled to research that restaurant until I know all things about them. print out the readings I need to do for tomorrow's three-hour honors class and actually read them. print the syllabus too... and freak out about the giant papers due for that class. 

all this needs to get done by tomorrow morning. before class starts at 9am in the farthest building on campus from my apartment. sigh. it's 12:12am now. dear goodness.

+ I somehow took a four hour nap this evening. I don't know how that happened. I guess I must have needed it? Or at least, that's what I'm telling myself so that I feel better. Deep down though, I know that it was mostly because I was avoiding that massive list up there. Sadly, that massive list did not go away by the time I woke up.

+ People need to stop asking me what I'm doing after college. I don't know yet, okay, friends? They're makin' me nervous. Well, more nervous than I was already. Which was pretty nervous.

+ What is with all these people on Facebook getting married? I mean, when someone you've known since preschool suddenly has a legal significant other, it kind of blows your mind. Like... whaaat?!? Make that two separate people and suddenly, you're so confused, it's ridiculous.

+ I have a list of things I needed to write about here, but haven't. And the further it gets into the quarter, the more they'll be put off, and then I'll feel bad about not posting in a while, which causes me to not post even more because I feel guilty, and this whole spiral of silence begins all over again. It happens much too often. I should whap myself upside the head, just write when I want to write, and stop worrying about the etiquette. Oh, self. How you make things more complicated than they should be.

+ I thought I was going to cook more this quarter since I have more free time. Nope.

+ I should really go accomplish all the things on that massive list up there. Like. Now. sigh. Fiiine.

Be good, all y'all, and see you around. Hopefully sooner than this last time... sheepish.

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