Thursday, January 24, 2013

Reunion Dinner at Seoul Tofu House

Seoul Tofu House- Menu
Seoul Tofu House- Side Dishes
Seoul Tofu House- Miso Tofu Soup

Small Group 2010-2011 reunion.

Who: Priscilla, Mary, Linda, & I
Where: Seoul Tofu House in Sawtelle
When: 6:30 pm

The Restaurant: I think we arrived just before the dinner rush, which was nice since it got pretty crowded around 7pm. By the time we left around 8:30pm, there were people waiting outside for a table. The restaurant is decorated well and feels spacious {compared to the majority of the restaurants in Sawtelle anyway}. My chair felt a little close to the table behind us, but with wide walkways, it didn't matter too much.

I must say. Really. Attentive. Waitstaff. Like, almost a little too attentive at first. Immediately after we sat down at our table {I'm not exaggerating} and before any of us really had time to look over our menu/placemats, a succession of three or four different people came by our table to ask us if we were ready to order yet. Calm down, guys. We just got here. Definitely felt a bit rushed while reading the menu. After they took our order though, the service was much better {more relaxed, but still attentive}.

If you're going to split the check with friends, note that they only take three credit cards per party. That was fine for us since Mary & Linda paid with cash and Priscilla & I paid with credit card, but just a head's up in case your group is pretty big.
The Food: Linda ordered the Mushroom Soondubu {Tofu Soup}, medium; Mary had the Seafood Soondubu, medium; Priscilla decided on the Dumpling Soondubu, mild; and I got the Miso Soondubu {no spice level, which we didn't realize until after it was ordered}. The mediums were pretty red and spicy-looking, but all three of my dinner companions agreed the heat wasn't as strong as what you'd get at Tofuya.

I would have appreciated a little spice in my Miso. As it was, my soup tasted a bit... meh? Don't get me wrong, it still tasted good, just not very... interesting.

Our rice came in hot clay pots on the side {which is normal for a tofu place}. Maybe I just don't know my tofu restaurant culture, but I don't think the rice is supposed to be rather... rock-solid. If the metal spoon has issues trying to get the rice out of the pot, I think we might have a problem.

The Conversation: Boys. This year's small groups. Life updates. GOC. Just general catching up. We didn't get into any deep, serious conversations this time around, but hopefully before the school year finishes, we'll meet up again to converse. 

After Dinner: Coco's again. Linda had never been before, so we introduced her to this latest boba place. No line at 8:45pm, which I thought was a little strange. But hey, we weren't going to complain.

Conclusion: Love these girls. I wish we were able to meet up more often because we really do have the best conversations that last hours and hours. I've learned so much from all three over the years and they always make me think deeply about my opinions/views whenever we talk. We may have just skimmed the surface this reunion, but I'm still so glad we were able to get together for a few hours. They make me happy.

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