Thursday, January 24, 2013

Non-Sleepovers & Lots of Talking

Of note.

+ We were supposed to have a small group sleepover Sunday night at Ivy's since no one had school Monday and we were all free. However, Jaqueline was still sick, Sandy was still exhausted from Broomball, and I go to sleep pretty late & didn't want to keep the others awake. So instead, Ivy, Sandy, and I hung out from 9pm-1:30am and then went back to sleep in our own beds after.

We played Taboo/Charades in which we made up our own rules as we went along and the timer meant nothing. Ivy was hilarious and Sandy was amazing during the Charades part of the night. Sandy & I introduced Ivy to the joys of TSwift. The conversation was eye-opening; I love that we can chatter about anything and not feel awkward.

Since no one actually ended up sleeping over, Ivy and I decided to have brunch together Monday morning as if it were a real sleepover. Perks of living only two floors down from my dear sgl? I was able to wake up, shower, get ready, and be upstairs given 20 minutes notice, and I got to stay in my pajamas {since there was no need for me to walk outside the building}. Whoot.

Thanks for breakfast, Ivy dear!

+ Tuesday evening, I got the chance to be a part of a focus group for Champion Media. I can't say very much {sworn to secrecy, you know}, but it was really awesome and I'm still amazed by people's creativity. I'm curious to see which ideas are put into action throughout the upcoming year. There are some great movies coming out, guys. Be excited!

+ Old sg reunion dinner tonight. We went out for dinner in Sawtelle and got the chance to catch up with each other. It really doesn't feel like two years since we were a part of the same small group, and yet, it's impressive how far we've come since then. Our beloved sgl graduated and is working full time, one of the sgies is daaa-tiiing, and we're all just... older. I dunno about wiser, but hey. We're working on it.

+ I would normally stop at 3 or push on to 5 points, but there was really only one other thing: OUAT with S-team. Adore.

I really should go to sleep. G'night all! Be good. :)

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