Monday, January 21, 2013

Our First Apartment Date of the Year

CPK Sicilian Pizza
CPK Honey Lemon Water
CPK California Club Pizza
CPK Original BBQ Chicken Pizza

Tonight, my apartmentmates and I went out for dinner to celebrate Ping's finished prelim. The original plan was to walk out to 800 Degrees Friday for lunch, but Mabel's actually headed to San Diego that afternoon to visit friends for the weekend.

So instead, we decided to take advantage of the three-day weekend and walk into Westwood tonight. Since 800 Degrees is a little far, especially in the dark, CPK was the restaurant substitute of choice. Ping hadn't been there yet and it's much closer to campus than 800. 


Who: Mabel, Ping, & I
Where: California Pizza Kitchen in Westwood
When: 7:00 pm

The Restaurant: I assume like any other CPK? I've only been once before, but that was at a mall with Debrr dear. It wasn't very busy for a three-day weekend. Mabel had called around 5pm to make a reservation just in case. We got a nice booth and the friendliest waiter. I was quite impressed that he was so very... smiley. 

The Food: Ping ordered the California Club pizza, which Mabel was convinced was a salad when she first saw it. We're thinking it might not reheat very well since all the lettuce would wilt and the avocados would brown. Mabel got the Sicilian, which is a thin-crust meat-heavy pizza. I thought it was rather spicy, but both my apartmentmates were fine with it; I guess I'm just a wimp, what can I say? I decided to stick with the Original BBQ Chicken, which I vaguely remember trying before. It was as I expected.

I was surprised that they had packets of honey for Mabel when she asked for hot water with lemon and honey on the side. Huh.

The Conversation: We talked about tuition and childhood personalities and possibly foodie adventuring later this year. Debated dogs versus cats {Ping is very pro-cat, I'm very pro-dog, and Mabel's too diplomatic to say her definitive preference}. We found out Ping had 10 hamsters at some point in her childhood. That's a lot of hamsters.

After Dinner: Diddy Riese! We spent the entire time in line talking with the guy behind us, a UCLA dad of a polisci freshie. Strangers really are the most interesting people.

Conclusion: It was a nice apartment date. We still don't know each other super well just yet, but we're working on it. We may not be the bestest of friends, but I'm so glad they're living with me this year and I'm very thankful for these girls.

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