Sunday, January 20, 2013

Thankfulness & Creepiness


+ You know you're a senior when you don't have to sit in the back of the van, even though the freshies are technically bigger than you.

+ I received a prank text from an unknown number today. Twas totally confused. People do that?

+ Some mystery person signed me up for a ride to church during GOC Friday night. I'd thank them since I had childcare and forgot to sign myself up, but Kim {co-head of Rides Team} & I don't know who this mystery person is...

It wasn't Steph since she was with me doing childcare. It wasn't any of the other 213's since they weren't sitting anywhere near me. And since Steph asked me last minute if I could help her, no one else knew where I went when I disappeared.

So, thanks, mystery person?

*grins* When Kim told me I was already signed up and neither of us could figure out who did it, I sent her a text saying, "CREEPER." But then I felt bad and immediately sent another text, "But a good creeper, I guess? Since they did sign me up for a ride to church..."

Ah, the joys of random acts of kindness?

+ Mini Teddy Grahams. They're amazing.

+ Ping is done with her PhD prelim! Time to partay! {Or, you know, go out for dinner as an apartment to celebrate. Cause we cool like that}. 

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  1. Wait, aren't the Mini Teddy Grahams supposed to be for the "Mini People" in childcare?