Monday, January 14, 2013

Lunch Adventures // Tatsu Ramen

Tatsu Ramen in Sawtelle
Inside Tatsu Ramen in Sawtelle
Tatsu Ramen Chopsticks
Tatsu Ramen- Bold
Tatsu Ramen- Additional Sides

It's finally happened.

I have days off from class AND I'm not interning {yet...}.

Which all culminate in time to play!

Luckily for me, several of my friends also have similar schedules, so I have people to keep me company.

It was decided early on that we would have lunch adventures Mondays-- and today was the first day of said adventuring.

Who: Evelyn, Steph, Gavin, Matt, & me
Where: Tatsu: Ramen with a Soul in Sawtelle
When: 12:30pm

The Restaurant: When you enter, you use one of three iPad stations to view the menu and customize your order. It's really quite fun. Seating is available at the "bar" running the length of the restaurant/open kitchen, at this one large square table where you sit next to/across from strangers, or outside at cafe tables. We took up two sides of the square table. A widescreen TV hung on the wall above where Evelyn, Steph, & I sat; time lapse video of different parts of different cities flashed across it the entire time we were there. The three of us couldn't see it since it was above us, but Gavin & Matt were sufficiently distracted by the images. It led to interesting topics of conversation. 

The Food: Most of us ordered the Bold Ramen, "with 11 bold ingredients;" Evelyn ordered the Red Ramen {think, spicy}. Each bowl was customizable and there were a few sides that you could get for no additional fee. Apparently, three cloves of garlic is one of those sides and, if you get that, they give you a garlic press to help squish the garlic into your bowl. Matt was amused. The ramen was pretty good, although the guys did mention that they were still somewhat hungry after finishing.

The Conversation: Random food dislikes & superpowers {control over time, teleportation, etc}. I think that might have been it. We stuck to that second topic for a looong time, debating the details of each power.

After Lunch: We split up to get boba at different places; Gavin, Matt, & Steph went to Volcano, Evelyn & I walked to CoCo. It was really strange being there during the middle of the day. No college students, no lines, quiet. Really, really fast service. Apparently, mid-day is the time to make those boba runs.

Conclusion: Overall, it was a great start to the quarter. I had a lot of fun and there were so many quoteable moments. The restaurant itself was okay, although there are several places in Sawtelle I'd probably go to before returning to this one. Definitely looking forward to next week!

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