Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ice Skating, or Avoiding Collisions with Small Children

Culver City Ice Skating Rink & their Zamboni

I went ice skating yesterday with friends. It was cold. I didn't fall. The end.


grins. I really wanted to leave the post like that and hit 'Publish', but I thought that'd be amusing only to me. So. I did indeed go ice skating yesterday at the Culver City Ice Arena. It's an indoor skating rink not too far from UCLA and, since our class didn't get to ice skate before Christmas break, we decided to try again this quarter.

Eleven college students. Eight girls. Three guys. Two cars. One and a half hours of skating.

... To clarify, we had five people in each car. The eleventh person got dropped off and picked up from the rink. I didn't know whether to count that as an entire other car or two cars since she got dropped off and picked up by different people. No, we did not stuff someone in the trunk or tie them to the roof.

Of note:

+ My ice skates fit well on the first try. That made me happy.

+ I'd forgotten how tight and slightly unwieldy ice skates are. My ankles felt a little squashed. But then I got on the ice and twas fine.

+ WHY SO MANY SMALL CHILDREN. It's not so much their existence that frightened me, but the fact that they were either cutting in front of us or falling in front of us. That made me nervous. Let's try not to run over the small children, shall we? Or hit the ice ourselves after trying to avoid these dangerous creatures...

+ I'm out of practice. But being out there again did get me thinking about Dublin Iceland and how much better it would be to skate there. Where there are less small children and more open areas of smooth ice. wheeeeee.

+ As much as I would love to say that I'm one of those people who can wear a turtleneck, skirt, and black leggings to go ice skating, I cannot. I layered like an Abominable Snowman and still felt chilly. Such is my lot in life. sigh.

+ While I'm still not super excited for this year's Broomball outing {falling hurts}, I do feel marginally reassured about keeping my footing on the ice since I survived without falling yesterday. I have one week to figure out a way to put on more layers and to hone my balance skills. Wish me luck.

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