Monday, January 28, 2013

Lunch Adventures // Fritto Misto Italian Cafe

Fritto Misto- Menu
Fritto Misto- Interior
Fritto Misto- Bread
Fritto Misto- Browsing Menu
Fritto Misto- Chicken Piccata
Fritto Misto- Grilled Veggie Ravioli with Cilantro-Chile Pesto

Fritto Misto- Flourless Chocolate Cake with Whipped Cream
Lunch adventuring, part two.


Who: Steph, Gavin, Matt, Evelyn, & I
Where: Fritto Misto Italian Cafe in Santa Monica
When: 1:00 pm

The Restaurant: Cute corner restaurant, tiny parking lot shared with a dentist's office {think, three spots for Fritto Misto}, friendly waitstaff. The walls are painted a warm, welcoming yellow and there's artwork all along those walls. When we walked in, there didn't seem to be any tables available, but then we were told to "come on back" where there's an entire other room of seating.

We loved the tables, which had wine companies {or something; the text was Italian} engraved on the surface. Ambiance was casual and homey; almost all of the tables were occupied, but it wasn't loud. Just nice background chatter.

They did run out of the lunch special that was on the menu {Spinach & Chicken Lasagna with Pink Sauce}, but our waitress was sweet enough to tell us about the other specials that weren't on the menu. It all worked out.

The guys really liked that Fritto Misto has 'classy' take-out boxes; you know, the round, aluminum kind with flat lids? Not styrofoam, not cardboard, so you're semi-better for the planet and your food shouldn't leak.
The Food: Ask for balsamic vinegar & olive oil with your pre-meal bread; so much better than the normal pats of butter.

Matt, Evelyn, & I were going to order the Spinach & Chicken Lasagna, but since they only had one left and Matt ordered first, Evelyn & I got the Grilled Veggie Ravioli with Cilantro-Chile Pesto instead. I think the other special was Garlic Linguini with Pink Sauce, but don't quote me on that. All the specials came with our choice of Caesar or Garden Salad. Steph decided to create her own pasta dish-- Wild Mushroom Ravioli with Pink Sauce. Gavin wanted the Chicken Piccata with Capers.

All of the food was really delicious. There were no complaints and I can't think of anything else to say on the matter. It was really good.

After we had finished, our waitress asked if this was our first time at Fritto Misto. When we answered affirmative, she said "Perfect" and went to get boxes for those of us who couldn't finish everything. We thought nothing of it until she returned with a complimentary slice of their homemade Flourless Chocolate Cake with Whipped Cream and five forks. Ohmahgoodness. I would go here just for the dessert. I'm in love. Seriously. The cake was super dense {yay, flourless cake!} and the whipped cream was ah-mazing. *happy sigh*

{Update: I just had my leftovers for dinner... The ravioli was fine, but for some reason, the caesar salad tasted a bit like... salmon? Kinda weird, but I can live with it. Just thought you should know}.

The Conversation: The 'Asians-taking-pictures-of-their-food' phenomenon. Lots of teasing about first dates {all theoretical}. These kids make me laugh-- they were discussing the imaginary love lives of everyone at the table except me and when they realized they hadn't teased me yet, they tried to remedy that situation. Didn't work because I know the secret. Stay quiet and don't say anything when the teasing starts; they are easily distracted and will tangent quickly.

After Dinner: We didn't go anywhere else since everyone had to get back by 2:30pm latest {homework/midterms, meet-ups, small group, etc}.

Conclusion: Yes. We highly recommend checking this place out-- good prices, great food? Yes. The second lunch outing with these four was even better than the first. Excited for this quarter!


I have posts in the works for another foodie adventure and a how-to, but we're waiting for pictures and things to be edited. *eee*

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