Saturday, January 26, 2013

Foodie Experiment // Personalized French Toast

Personalized French Toast in a Mug
Personalized French Toast in a Mug {with syrup}

Foodie experiment: breakfast for one.


Who: Me
What: French Toast in a Mug
Where: The apartment kitchen
When: 3:00 pm

The Idea: Evelyn sent me a link to this page and I basically wanted to try all of them immediately. So naturally, I waited two weeks before trying any of them. *sigh*

The original idea was for me to make Ping a celebratory something-in-a-mug for finishing her prelim, but we had no maple syrup {necessary for all breakfast items cooked in mugs, wouldn't you say?}.

Once that was bought, I decided to attempt the French-Toast-in-a-Mug from here.
The Prep: I simply followed the directions on the page. The mug I used is actually pretty big-- it fit both slices of bread with room to spare.

+ For the butter, I used about 1/2 tablespoon melted to coat my mug, which turned out to be more than enough.

+ If your bread cubes are sticking out above the top of your mug, just lightly cup your hand over it all and shake the mug gently. That helps the bread to settle better without you squishing any of it down.

+ I did add a splash of vanilla to the liquid mixture and, due to differences between microwaves, I cooked my French toast for 1 minute, 40 seconds.

The Finished Product: Not bad, not bad. I'll admit that I'm not the biggest fan of French toast, simply because it usually tastes eggy and not in a good way. But I had a craving and now it's satisfied. Observations:

+ It did taste eggy. On the upside, this took a lot less time than normal French toast does, so all is forgiven.

+ Too much butter. Apparently, 1/2 tablespoon of melted butter to coat the sides of a giant cup is still way too much. Maybe cut it down to about 1/3 tablespoon or just enough to coat the sides with no extra left over {I had tiny bits of unmelted butter on the sides of my mug and, wow, could I taste them}.

+ The crust pieces held up a lot better than the non-crust pieces. You might want to try placing them at the bottom of the mug, so that you don't end up with bread mush once it's all cooked.

+ The mug I used might have been too big because I had to stick it back in the microwave after eating the top layer {the bottom was liquid eggy. ew}. Remember to add a few drops of milk to keep the bread from drying out. Try 30-40 seconds {I tried 20 seconds and it wasn't enough}.

Conclusion: It smells wonderful {it's all the cinnamon & vanilla}. It's pretty filling. Still a little too eggy to become a favorite of mine. And don't forget the maple syrup. It really IS necessary.

{Mine took longer than the two-minutes the recipe says (probably because I had to keep looking for my ingredients), but the entire process was still much faster than it would've taken to make regular French toast}.

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