Thursday, August 23, 2012


San Francisco's Pier 39


mar-ve-list noun
: one who views her surroundings as a marvel : one who sees life as marvelous : OPTIMIST

Examples of MARVELIST
 - < some may think marvelists are being unrealistic, but all she knew was that it was better to be inspired and look on the bright side than it was to see only the shadows >

First Known Use of MARVELIST


Honestly, it's kind of a ridiculous word.

But it has a ring to it and I like it.

No, it's not a real word.

Mom was watching California's Gold and a guy being interviewed said that he was out with friends once and the guy across from him said he wanted to be a marvelist. The interviewee guy said he did a double take and asked, "Marvelist? Like, you just look at the world and marvel at everything?" The potential marvelist looked at the interviewee guy funny and said, "No. I want to be a novelist."

So even if it's not a real word, I still like it.

I think we all need to be at least part marvelist.

Del Valle Regional Park

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