Thursday, August 23, 2012

Adventuring // Del Valle Regional Park

Six mile hike under the blazing mid-day sun? Pshhh. Piece of cake.

The crazy wind helped a lot. And several water bottles between the four of us.

The clouds and sun made everything pretty.

I mean, really, look at that sparkly orb in the sky.

Del Valle is mostly rolling golden hills and calm open water, dotted with wide, dark green trees here and there.

The entire place looked like the above photo.

I spy with my little eyes...

... two parentals and a Zoe.

Apparently, they've all gotten so used to me stopping suddenly to take pictures that they just kept right on walking.

Left me there to fend for myself against any wily coyotes possibly lurking nearby.

Family portrait!

Who are these cool cats in hats?

Do we know them?

This dog cannot be separated from Daddy for any period of time. Just look at that concentration and imagine endless pitiful whining as he walked ahead of us.

She loves him sososo much.


"I'm hopelessly devoted to youuu!"

The lake just sort of meandered its way along to our left as we hiked the trail. You can swim in it and we saw several very happy, very wet canines pass us by. Definitely dog-friendly.

We don't actually know if the Zoe can swim, but maybe we'll find out another day. Didn't bring any towels this time around.


That looks like a nice place to spend a day, just hanging out.

One very tired, satisfied pooch.


All in all, that was quite a successful outing. Del Valle is a bit too far to visit often for us, but if it were closer, I'd totally be back to exercise this doggy. The drive there includes going through Livermore Wine Country and up {& back down} a decently steep mountain, just fyi.

Gorgeous place, though. Easy hike-- bring water and think about closed toed shoes cause there are rocks on the trail that'd love to catch a ride home with you!

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