Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lists // What You Need to Exercise a Dog

A list of things you need to run a dog in the backyard.

1. a dog.

2. a backyard.

3. a toy.

4. sunshine.

5. a camera to document it all.


Add all those things together and you get:

A very happy Zoe.


Bonus items {optional}:

+ flipflops or some sort of footwear.
Unless your feet have a high tolerance for hot concrete. All that sunshine beaming down... ouch.

+ a good throwing arm.
 Else you'll get dirty looks from the dog at your side-- "seriously. you want me to run for that? please. you can throw farther than that, right?"

+ enthusiasm.
It makes running the dog that much more exciting. Yaaaaaaaaay!

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