Thursday, June 7, 2012

You sound beautiful. NOW PLEASE BE QUIET.

I've never wanted to call the cops on an acapella group before.

Until now.


I'm all for singing. Usually it makes me smile. Tonight, though, I reallyreallyreally wish they'd stop.

Some group of geniuses thought it'd be a good idea to belt their hearts out in the middle of the apartments.

In the midst of finals madness.

Are they insane?!?

And what drove us up the wall was that they just.wouldn't.stop.

People asked politely, they screamed at them to be quiet, they cursed them out. Didn't matter. Kept going.

One girl yelled from her balcony, "YOU SOUND BEAUTIFUL. NOW CAN YOU PLEASE SHUT.UP."

Seriously, guys. Not funny. We're trying to study and get work done and you're not helping. If you were in the dorm area, you'd be arrested cause you're violating quiet hours.

Definitely something to miss about the dorms...

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