Friday, June 8, 2012

Post Hectic Thoughts

After times of great stress and very little sleep, like midterms and finals, I always seem to have this weird tradition of staying up late anyways the night after it's all finished.

Something about not being able to sleep because it hasn't sunk in that I can breathe again.


Here I am, yet again, awake and doing nothing productive.

It's kind of nice.


Class evals are due tomorrow at 8am and since there's no way I'm waking up early to write them, I'm typing them out now. I actually like writing out these reviews electronically-- better than the whole "superrushed-last-five-minutes-of-class-with-a-pencil" business we had to do for the past two and a half years.

I don't like pencil.

There's always a long list of people we're supposed to review, but I usually only write for those who I think need the feedback. Teachers who were pretty popular over the quarter and whom I thought were okay, I usually leave alone since they'll get great reviews anyways {unless I have something I really want to add}. But good TAs, truly excellent teachers, and iffy teachers I write for.

This quarter, there was one really good teacher, one fantastic TA, one meh TA, and one poorpoor professor who's going to get some really nasty reviews that I decided needed my thoughts.

That poor professor. Most people were ambivalent about him until he shot himself in the foot with that final. I didn't think he was that awful. Yes, he definitely has areas that need work {vocal fluctuation, loudness, etc}, but he wasn't that bad. And since I was one of about thirty people that showed up consistently to lecture, I'd say I'm more qualified to give that assessment than all those people who're just going to review because they're angry over the final. Honestly, I wasn't too delighted with the final, either, but hey. He's trying to figure out his testing style. He's going to make mistakes.

On a side note. I saw that awesome TA {who TAed for the professor above, actually} in Sawtelle this evening after having a meet-up with the small group leader. He's such an Asian hipster. So cool.


On Pandora: Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble, I Want You Back by Colbie Caillat, &
Merry Happy by Kate Nash {so cheeky}

Munching: not, actually. Weird, right?

Should be doing: oh-hey. this actually is the same as what I AM doing for once. Typing up class evaluations on MyUCLA.

That other thing I should be doing: you know, sleeping... ha.

Watched earlier and really liked, actually: Hart of Dixie, Pilot. Not bad. I've never seen any of Rachel Bilson's work, but this isn't too bad. Also, Common Law is AMAZING. I'm in love and can't really gush enough about how amazing it is. The fact that they quoted Margaret Mead was just icing on the cake. Ohh, Psych researchers at UCLA. Awesome. Bent is actually pretty cute. They definitely needed to name it something different though. Not catchy at all. Possibly had something to do with its cancellation. Sigh. Also. Jane By Design just had to start up again right before finals week. Gaaaah. That show makes you long for your own Billy. Because he's the best. And can I trade places with or just straight up be Jane? Thanks. Steph and I watched the last two episodes of Glee's season three tonight... wasn't as tear-jerker as i thought it would be. This video was though. *ugh* Talk about stabbitystabstab in the heart. Ouch. Cutecute video though.

Anyways. I should go to sleep. And stop typing in tinytiny font.

Gnight, friends.

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