Saturday, June 2, 2012

True Rockstar

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In my humble opinion, poodles are several large afros stuck together.
+ One of the joys of having short hair is that you wake up every morning with an amazing afro.

Rockstar hair, for sure.

*head nod/wink*

{I'm so not showing you a picture of my head in the morning, so please enjoy the above picture of a real afro in action. Thank you}.

+ I ran into one of the desk/armrests in Broad 2160E yesterday after GOC.

I now have a massive, dark purple bruise bigger than the size of my fist on my thigh. And OWWWWWWWWW.

On the upside, I was planning on wearing black tights to Spring Banquet anyways.

So that's good.


FYI: if you click on the link for the picture source, don't try to follow it back-- the link that's referenced past the one I posted isn't real. *shakes head* So if you know the owner of this image, lemme know! Thanks!

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    This is the closest I got.

    By the way, in the future, if you're trying to hunt down image sources:

    It's magic.