Friday, June 1, 2012

June Goals

doesn't it look like I played with the picture? I didn't at all, but it looks so bright...

+ I got a haircut today. I am happy. Because I look normal. Yes. Even if no one else notices that I got it cut, I can feel the difference and that's all that matters.

+  Spring Banquet is tomorrow evening. Excited. Since there are a bunch of us who're going stag, we're planning on being the cool car and having fun sans dates. Shall be wonderful.

+ How goes the game of ASSASSINS, you ask? *MOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHA* I officially became a serial killer tonight-- in that I made two kills in less than an hour. Whoot. It's always the innocent looking ones you've got to be careful of {d'awww, you're so cuuu--- AUGH! YOU KILLED ME!}. *hee*

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