Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spring Banquet 2012, Part One

Things learned/observed from this year's Spring Banquet:

+ putting gel inserts into your high heels = your feet don't hurt until the last half hour of the night and it only takes fifteen minutes afterwards before they're back to normal. Miracle.

+ when you're indoors and the lights are low, you have to use flash in order for people to show up in pictures and not be blurry.

+ paper pinwheels with little buttons hot-glued to the center make for very pretty centerpieces.

+ wearing tights keeps your legs warm enough that it doesn't matter that you're wearing sleeveless late at night.

+ short hair is the best for formal occasions-- no prep work, easily fixable during the event, and nothing to deal with after.

+ going stag can be easily more fun than having a date.

+ seeing the younger ones experience their first Banquet is super cute since they're all wide-eyed and flustered and excited. Not that we weren't excited, but we're just a different sort of excited since we know what to expect and how to enjoy the night to its fullest.

+ I really loved the way the seniors organized the timing of things this year. They set an early arrival time so that even those who showed up late were on schedule. They gave more breaks between performances and speakers which (1) gave the seniors more time to do prep work and things behind the scene and (2) gave the attendees more time to enjoy the photobooth, the food, and conversate. Very nice.

+ Banquet is actually a really good time for great conversations since it's at the end of the year and people are feeling nostalgic. I had some really deep, really thoughtful conversations with people that I don't normally see or have time to chatter with and I really appreciated that.

+ you don't need to use your camera for every photo opportunity. As long as someone's got it, you'll be tagged on Facebook, so don't worry. And plus, the less cameras there are to look at/take pictures with, the less time you'll have to stand there and smile prettily.

+ the performances this year really tied in amazingly well with the theme, Soli Deo Gloria. Lovelovelove.

+ we're getting old. Our car of junior girls had planned to hang out after Banquet and get boba for Sunday morning and all this extra excitement and none of it happened cause we all wanted to go to sleep. *sigh*

+ this is an event that really helps us remember what God has done for us this year and look back on fun times with friends. Happyheart.


Part Two: Pictures here.

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