Friday, June 1, 2012

Spring Retreat 2012

This year's Spring Retreat coincided with Memorial Day weekend, which was nice because we could goof off on the weekend and still get a day to recover/do homework.

I sadly had to do the latter.

Since I have no class on Fridays, I got to catch a ride there in one of the Sound Team cars with all their equipment-- we left early since they needed time to set up once we got there.

Twas quite fun. Leaving early meant not as much traffic and being able to stop for lunch and get to the campground before everyone and enjoy the quiet and stillness of the forest before the loud chatter of people cut in.

We stopped at The Hat for lunch. Apparently it's a SoCal-Big-Deal? The Chili Cheese Fries are indeed quite amazing. We split one order between three people and it was still too much. So bad for you, but sooo delicious. *hee*

It was gorgeous up there. After spending nine months in LA with its lack of trees and excess of smog, being so high up in the mountains that it's a little harder to breathe feel great. Well, besides the 'can't-breathe' thing. *shrugs*


For a slightly different perspective on Retreat, read this.

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