Thursday, May 24, 2012

You Made My Day

On the way back from my later class. Sunset on a cloudy day.
Today as I was walking back from my early class, I saw two things that made my day.

+ a tiny little Asian boy taking a picture of his mom, grandma, and little sister with a digital camera and being very professional about it. Mind you, he was, like, three tops. So adorable.

+ a really tall hipster chick rocking out with her band on a bass. Not the electric, guitar-like kind. The giant, legit, taller-than-me-by-quite-a-few-inches kind. Nice.

Also. It just hit me this afternoon that Spring Retreat starts tomorrow.


Time to pack...

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  1. ! I heard that band, too! ...or at least the last half of a song they played. I looked them up later, and apparently they won Spring Sing? Also found this