Friday, April 6, 2012

Walk With Me

This is UCLA at night.

I have class unitl 8pm this quarter and the walk back is so quiet. I get the feeling I'll have a whole collection of night pictures by the time these next ten weeks are over.

The first picture is Royce Hall, the second is Janss Steps {note the moon and the rotunda lights from Powell Library}, and the last one is our temporary detour thru the IM field, since the construction crews are now tearing up the walkway in front of Pauley Pavilion.


All pictures are unedited since Picnik is disappearing April 19th {WHYGOOGLEWHYYY}, so I'm trying to get used to not using it. Anyone have any suggestions for alternate photo-editing sites/programs? I want/need one that will allow me to play with pictures and add text, but isn't too complicated for this simple mind. *grins* Thanksthanks.

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