Saturday, April 7, 2012

Adventuring: Junior Beach Day

Finally! A beach day that isn't (1) in January or (2) super cloudy. Now this is what the beach is supposed to be like!

Basically a description of their relationship. Actually, of OUR relationship-- me taking pictures of their silliness and laughing in the background is quite accurate as well.

To our right.

To our left.

Crazy kids decided to go sand crab hunting. Attracted a ton of attention on the beach from passers-by who were wondering what the giant group of Asian college kids were doing, staring into the sand and shouting, "I got another one!" and "Get it back, get it back!" and "Auuuugh-it's-tickling-meeeee!"

The Mickeyla looking modelesque as per normal.

Bye, beach!

{Look at the number of cars out there. Definitely a sunny Saturday in SoCal.}


Before beach day, the junior girls had brunch together while the guys had a basketball tournament against the other classes in GOC. After beach day, dinner in Westwood! Overall, twas a success and much fun was had.

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