Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Weekender, No. 11: Whimsical Flights of Fancy

For a New Locale to Explore: Coolhaus Food Truck

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{i heart kelly purkey. she's the reason i adore coolhaus//introductions}
 Like I talked about here, but never actually got around to posting about, the ladies from Coolhaus came by campus to talk to us about how they got started and things like that. I adore them. They're amazing. Their ice cream/cookies? Also ahmazing.

I tried their Red Velvet cookie with a tiny scoop of Candied Bacon ice cream. It was a strange combination, but reallyreally tasty. Now. I need to go find them again and try an actual full-sized ice cream sandwich. Because that was really good.

Check out their website with its ridiculous number of flavors for cookies and ice cream! Also, their Tumblr is the cutest thing ever. Love the theme and design.

For the Next Potential Culinary Venture: Orange White Chocolate Chip Cookies

One of my friends brought these to the Freshmen/Junior Dessert Night last week and I've been craving them ever since. So. Darn. Delicious. She substituted the regular chocolate chips for white chocolate ones and oohhhhhhhh. Those cookies were really yum. I need to satisfy this cookie craving asap. Before finals hit. Mmm.

For Wishful Thinking: Interning for an LA Blogger or for a Magazine

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{pretty much me, every day//if you know who's this is, lemme know}
It's the beginning of March, so technically, summer internship applications started about two weeks ago. I haven't had any time to sit down and just applyapplyapply and writeemailswriteemailswriteemails because of midterms and papers, but I have to do it soon, else it's going to be an empty summer. Which is not fun.

Ideally, I'd absolutely adore working for/with a blogger based here in LA. OhJoy, DesignLoveFest {although since I'm not a design student, this one's a longshot}, CupcakesandCashmere, Cakies, etc. I would LOVE the chance to work with them. It makes my heart all giddy and excited. But I really don't know how to approach that... like, "heyyy, so I'd love to help you out in any way, shape, or form that you need if only you let me have the chance to hang out with awesome you for a summer? *smallhopefulsmile?*" That's kinda awkward. They'll be like, "who. are. youuuu? *curious/skepticalface*"


For Those Bursts of Creativity: Twinkling Lights Around the Railing

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{people do love their twinkling lights}
Now that I know I'm staying in my apartment next year {as opposed to moving to a different one}, I can decorate! Step one, wind white Christmas lights around the railing separating the bedroom area from the living room. *happy sigh*

For Pure Aesthetic Pleasure: Picture Perfect

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{a little dangerous, but definitely living on the edge}
Can I be an awesome photographer like this one? Kay, thanks.

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